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Kenji Takeda (武田 健司 Takeda Kenji) is Seirin High's basketball club advisor.


Kenji Takeda is an old teacher with short gray hair with a brown-green shirt and regular pants. He also carries a cane.



Takeda appears on the first training, when Riko introduces him as the club's advisor.[1]

Summer Training Camp

Takeda sensei at the training camp

Takeda-sensei at the training camp

He was mentioned again after Riko filled the team in about the training camp. Izuki said to Riko that Takeda-sensei is looking for her.[2] He later appears alongside Seirin at the beginning of their summer training camp.


  • On the first character poll, Takeda-sensei ranked 30th, with 21 votes.
  • According to KUROFES:
  • His motto: "Laidback lifestyle"
  • Favorite food: Yōkan (Red Bean Jelly)
  • Hobby: Gateball
  • Specialty:Reciting poems


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