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Kenjirō Sakamoto
Kenjiro Sakamoto
Name Kenjirō Sakamoto
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 18
Height 179 cm (5' 10½")
Weight 70 kg (154 lbs)
Birthday May 30th, Gemini
Blood type A
Professional Statistics
Team Seihō (former)
Position Small Forward
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 19
Anime Episode 8
Image Gallery

Kenjirō Sakamoto (坂本 健二郎 Sakamoto Kenjirō) is a former small forward at Seihō High.


Sakamoto has medium-long black, spiky hair. He has an average build and plays with the black and white Seihō uniform. He wears the jersey number 7 for Seihō.


Interhigh preliminaries

He was Kuroko's mark during the match



Along with the rest of Seiho High, Kenjiro also excels in pressure defense.


According to KUROFES:

  • His motto: "Out of the mouth comes evil”
  • His specialty: Target Practice
  • Favorite food: Ramen
  • Hobby: Cooking


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