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Kotarō Hayama
Kotaro Hayama
Name Kotarō Hayama
Kanji 葉山 小太郎
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 17
Height 180 cm (5' 11")
Weight 68 kg (150 lbs)
Birthday July 25th, Leo
Blood type B
Professional Statistics
Team Rakuzan
Position Small Forward
Talent Lightning Dribble
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 174
Image Gallery

Kotarō Hayama (葉山 小太郎 Hayama Kotarō) is a regular of Rakuzan High and one of the Uncrowned Kings. His nickname is The Raijū (雷獣 Raijū). He is now competing in the Winter Cup.


Hayama is quite thin, about 180 cm tall and is shown to be very agile and athletic. He has short, orange-ish hair and a pair of oval-shaped eyes with dark pupils. He also has a snaggle tooth in the left corner of his mouth. He wears the blue and white Rakuzan jersey with the number 7.


Angered Hayama

Angered Hayama

Hayama is energetic to the point of annoyance. He often fools around carelessly like a child.[1] He is an attention-seeker. Despite these, he has a sense of being vengeful towards his opponents like when Miyaji dribbles past him and Kagami totally dominating him while in the Zone; he requested Akashi to let him mark Kagami one more time for he can't settle down unless he returns the favor. He also takes pride in being an upperclassmen, this is shown when he tells Kagami he forgot to add Senpai after his last name. He is also arrogant as he always wants to destroy those who is up against him.


Hayama was a very strong and talented player in Junior High school and was known for his Lightning Dribble, which earned him the nickname Raijū.  However, he was overshadowed by the Generation of Miracles and instead bears the title of one of the five Uncrowned Kings.


Winter CupEdit

Hayama and his team made it through the first round and the quarter-finals with no mention-worthy matches.


Before the Winter Cup semi-finals start, Hayama is seen visiting a sports shop. When Kagami enters the shop and climbs the stairs, Hayama is seen rushing down from it. Unable to stop, Hayama jumps, does a somersault and lands behind Kagami. Hayama apologizes and runs off, but not before Kagami can see his Rakuzan High sweater.[2]

Hayama before the match

Hayama spazzes out before the match

He later appears alongside his team, entering the gym for their match. When Hayama sees Shūtoku High, their opponent, he freaks out and shouts that they look super strong. This annoys Mibuchi. He directs his statement at Akashi and Akashi confirms that they are indeed strong. When the match finally starts, the ball goes to Takao. He is guarded by Hayama and surprises him by passing the ball behind his back.[3]

The match goes on and the first quarter passes by. At the first attack by Shūtoku, Hayama finds himself guarding Miyaji in a one-on-one. He is eager to get some action but is set straight by Miyaji's dribbling and is passed. Hayama is scolded by Nebuya, Mibuchi and Akashi and he receives the ball during the counter. Guarded by Miyaji, Hayama smirks and guesses three will be enough. He proceeds to bounce the ball extremely strong and fast, and then dribbles past Miyaji.[4] He goes up for the lay-up, but encounters Kimura under the ring. He switches to a double clutch and throws the ball next to Kimura to the hoop and it goes in. It is later revealed that his dribble from before only used three fingers. Miyaji is amazed to find out that there are still two stages above that.

Midorima blocks Hayama

Hayama is blocked by Midorima

The next offense, Hayama passes Miyaji again and passes it through to Nebuya, who later thanks him roughly for the pass. Hayama calls him a muscle gorilla, something Nebuya jokingly takes as a compliment. A counter by Rakuzan follows and Hayama passes Miyaji yet again, but only to be blocked by Midorima on the lay-up. Hayama is amazed by Midorima's speed.[5] The first half ends with a tie.

The match continues and Akashi faces Midorima in a one-on-one battle. Akashi overwhelms Shūtoku, resulting in 71 - 51 for Rakuzan.[6] Midorima starts combining his shooting with Takao, raising Shūtoku's score. Hayama attempts to shoot a basket but misses which results in a rebound and Shūtoku got the ball. The players pass the ball to Midorima who then scores the basket. When Shūtoku got their determination back by slowly catching up in points, Akashi scored a basket of his own team. He tells his team that this is not the time to relax and that the match is not over yet. He states that if they lose, he will gauge his eyes out and give it to them as he scored a basket on his team.[7]

As the game resumes, the Rakuzan members seem more serious now. Hayama gets the ball and scores the basket.[8] The match ends with a score of 86 - 70, as Akashi stopped Takao and Midorima's teamwork.[9]


During the warm-up, the Rakuzan players settle on their marks, Hayama's being Kagami. All of the starting members are announced onto the court as they bow, wishing for a good match. The tip-off begins and Kagami gets the ball, he scores over Akashi using the Meteor Jam, everyone noticed that he has entered the Zone.[10]


Physical Ability
8/10 Hayama chart
Mental Strength
Special Ability
Hayama marks Kagami

Hayama's defensive stance

Hayama has displayed some exceptional athleticism in the form of speed and agility. He can perform a near perfect double clutch, dive under a defender and lay it in.[11] Same with his defense, it is especially tight and intense.[12] It is later seen that both Kagami and Alexandra Garcia see that Hayama has mastered the control of his animal instinct, heightening his reflexes and overall physical ability.

Lightning DribbleEdit

  • Hayama's three fingers dribbling
  • Hayama's four fingers dribbling
  • Hayama's five fingers dribbling
  • Lightning Dribble level 5

Hayama's speciality is dribbling. His ball control is of such high level, that he actually presses the ball downwards with force enough for it to explode perfectly into a quick cross-over.[13] Because he slams the ball so fiercely onto the ground, it becomes too fast for eyes to follow, making it very hard to steal. If the ball has reached its top speed, it's as if the ball has disappeared. It's also shown the noise his dribble made is loud enough to be heard by spectators that covered their ears.

While his dribbling already is seen to be at a high level, this is shown to be only a portion of his power, as Miyaji observed that he had only dribbled with his three innermost fingers, hinting to two even greater levels of dribbling ability.[14] During Rakuzan's match against Seirin High, Hayama passed Kagami with his power-dribble, this time using four fingers. This indeed seems like another upgrade of his dribbling ability and withholds a fifth level, which he uses against Izuki later on. The five fingers is far different than the other stages because the ball stays still in Hayama's hands even though his body is going for a drive. Then, lightning sparks appear as he starts to dribble emphasizing his speed and agility. Izuki may have seen through his dribbling pattern but can't match his speed, Kuroko has to help and he was lured into Kagami's sphere of defense and then blocked.


Seijūrō AkashiEdit

Rakuzan HighEdit

Shun IzukiEdit


  • Hayama first apperance in color initially had him with yellow hair.[15] It was later changed to orange in the color pages of the fourth Replace novel.
  • According to the CHARACTERS BIBLE PLUS:
    • His favourite food is Kappa maki.
    • His hobby is skateboarding.
    • His specialty is Horizontal bar.
    • His motto is: "Strike while the iron is hot."
  • Hayama is the only person who has laughed at Izuki's puns so far.
  • His snaggle-like tooth may be a reference to the fact that he posses animal instincts.


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