Kuroko no Basuke -Replace VI- The Expedition of Miracles is the sixth and last light novel of the Kuroko no Basuke series.

Chapter List and Summaries

1. Formation! Team “Strky”

2. The Next Generation

A new school year has started for Seirin. Hyūga and the other senpais are now third years and Kuroko, Kagami, and the trio are now second years. Since their victory at the Winter Cup, Seirin has become famous all over. The basketball club has over 40 new recruits aspiring to be on the team. One is the emotionless Asahina Daigo, and another is the timid Yagi Yūta. However, things look troublesome for the team when the two first years don’t seem to get along, and there seems to be problems between Asahina and Kagami as well.

3. Time of Departure

The third years of Kaijou, Shutoku, Toou and Rakuzan are graduating. This is a story about their last days in school and how their underclassmen cope with their graduation.

4. A Miracle That Crossed the Ocean

Extra: The Gathering of Legends


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