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Kuroko no Basuke -Replace 6-
Author Sawako Hirabayashi
Illustrator Tadatoshi Fujimaki
Publication date September 4, 2015
Published by Shueisha
ISBN 978-4-08-703377-9
Cover character(s) Seijūrō Akashi
Shintarō Midorima
Tetsuya Kuroko
Ryōta Kise
Daiki Aomine
Atsushi Murasakibara
Publication Order
Preceded by
Kuroko no Basuke -Replace V-
Followed by
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Kuroko no Basuke -Replace VI- The Journey of Miracles is the sixth light novel of the Kuroko no Basuke series.

Chapter List and Summaries

1. Formation! Team STRKY

Showing the players of STRKY as college students.


This section focuses on the Kaijo players who are now in college. Kasamatsu and Kobori attend the same school in different departments. Moriyama is at a different school altogether and comes to visit one day. The three boys get food together and talk. They all still play basketball on their respective college teams. Kobori has developed his preexisting interest in astronomy more seriously. Kasamatsu feels insecure about the expanding world in college; he has his preexisting hobby of guitar but his peers are pulling off bigger musical maneuvers like concerts. Moriyama suggests flirting with girls instead.


Showing the players of Seirin after the winter cup, now dealing with first years. (Hyuga and so on are third years, while Kagami and so on are second years.)

Part 1

Kiyoshi is in the American rehab facility during morning; he receives a call from Riko, for whom it's evening in Japan. She is happy to tell them that after their impressive performance in the winter cup, Koganei has received over 40 club request forms.

Part 2

Kagami and Kuroko enter the gym together late after their class had cleaning duty. This is the first day of tryouts. The prospective students are not surprised that Riko is a girl. They heard about her role in the winter cup victory. However, they are still shocked when Riko asks them to remove their clothes so she can examine their bodies.

Part 3

Hyuga and Izuki exchange remarks about the new students. As early as winter vacation, Seirin had made a big deal out of the basketball team's victory, with a banner and an assembly. Koganei's voice grew hoarse fielding questions intended for both himself and Mitobe. The team had to get interviews with Basketball Monthly and the school broadcasting club. Worst of all was the school newspaper, with a full page on each starting member and an over-the-top headline. Izuki gets a pun; Hyuga is compared to Shingen Takeda.

The second years are warming up, Kagami with a ball, while Kawahara & Fukuda and Furihata & Kuroko stretch in pairs. They're insecure about how to act as upperclassmen, though Kuroko points out the time he mentored Kise wasn't so bad.

Part 4

Kagami is frustrated by the insubordination of Daigo Asahina. 180 centimetres tall, long arms, and weighing 75 kilograms, he participated in Nationals (Junior High). When Riko instructs the first-years to participate in some simple stretches, Asahina demands he participate in the upperclassmen's practice. He considers these exercises useless because Riko has already determined their stats and he says he's even better than the upperclassmen.

Hyuga and Tsuchida point out that Asahina's cockiness isn't all that different from Kagami's initial treatment of Kuroko. Kagami insists that Asahina continued to glare at him specifically even after Riko granted his request. While acknowledging the tension from Asahina being a power forward like Kagami, Hyuga warns him not to get in a fight. The second years are going out as a group to practice somewhere else.

Part 5

The next day, Asahina is the only first-year who returned after the grueling practices of the previous day. Riko defends this regimen as necessary for anyone seriously pursuing nationals, reminding them of the confession ultimatum. Hyuga gets passionate. Koganei and Izuki take Hyuga aside and suggest they take one for the team (implying that it would be better for them to lose so Hyuga would confess to Riko).

One more first-year shows up: Yūta Yagi, short and polite. Hyuga affirms that he's on time, just barely. The club proceeds with road work. They come back, but Kuroko stays behind with Yagi, who had gotten completely overwhelmed even with this aount of road work. They're alarmed to hear from Riko that Yagi has no experience in basketball or any other sport, being in the computer club during middle school. Riko makes a special training menu for Yagi and has Kuroko supervise him. As part of this, she asks Asashina to pass with Yagi so Kuroko can observe his form.

Asahina agrees but tells Yagi he should quit basketball because he's serious about going to Nationals and doesn't want to waste time. Kuroko defends Yagi's seriousness. Asahina is skeptical of his appearance, assuming Kuroko is a manager or a similarly weak player. Already irritated by Asahina continuing to glare at him today, Kagami interrupts their conversation and grabs Asahina by the collar to yell. Hyuga breaks up their fight and takes back Kagami. The drill resumes.

Part 6

Towards the end of practice, the third years play a practice game against the second years. (Riko is the referee, Yagi keeps score.) Koganei trips, so Asahina is subbed into his position. Asahina assumes it will be easy to mark Kuroko.

Part 7

Asahina takes a shot but gets blocked by Kagami, who is practically in the Zone. The second years form an all-court man-to-man defense. Asahina is tricked by their maneuvers and realizes that Kuroko must be the rumored Phantom Sixth Man acknowledged by Teiko's Generation of Miracles. However, Kuroko states instead that this is the strength of Seirin specifically.

Part 8

The second years annihilated at the end of the game. They explain this was a stealth all-court man-to-man defense, where the players have one mark at a time but also switch constantly. This is what they had been practicing as a group separately. Yagi gets really excited about this. He admits his house was near their practice location, and he joined the club specifically hoping to master the stealth all-court man-to-man defense himself. Kuroko had heard about this back during the road work incident.

Asahina admits he can understand the feeling of admiration. He actually came to Seirin because he admired Kagami. Rather than glaring, he has been staring at him to emulate his moves.

Part 9

That night, while lifting a dumbbell, Hyuga calls Kiyoshi, for whom it's morning. Asahina now gets along with both Kagami and Yagi. Hyuga tells Kiyoshi to get better. Believe in your friends is presented as the moral of Seirin Basketball Club.

3. Time of Departure

This occurs when Kasamatsu and so on are third years, not just retiring from the club, actually graduating high school itself.


This school has a tradition of underclassmen pinning a corsage on graduating third-years. Hayakawa tries to pin a corsage on Moriyama, who would rather have a cute girl do it. Kobori receives this from Nakamura. Kasamatsu doesn't see any underclassmen around and begins to worry that a student council member will give him his corsage. Just then though, Kise comes along. He has been up all night thinking about how to thank Kasamatsu, and pins on his corsage.


Takao is the MC for a performance by the second years of an idol group. Yuya Miyaji, the new captain, leads the dance. Kiyoshi Miyaji hugs him. Nakatani gives a speech about youth. Otsubo thanks him as the captain. Midorima plays the piano as the whole team is led in a performance of the school song. Otsubo, Miyaji, and Kimura walk home together for the last time, then go their separate ways.


Imayoshi and Susa pack up their dorm rooms and discuss the cherry blossoms. They then pass by the gym where Wakamatsu is the only one practicing. He says Sakurai is on his way. Aomine comes in too. Though he claims his purpose was to break in new shoes, he challenges Wakamatsu to one-on-one.


Okamura is giving the departure speech. Himuro is the new captain and sits with Liu. They are concerned. At first Okamura gives a really good speech. He has no regrets about his club activities and Yosen's national ranking, as painful as it was to not win the championship. However, then he cries about how he couldn't be popular with girls, unlike Fukui. Some of the students are actually moved even by this. Araki hits Okamura with her shinai until he leaves the stage. Murasakibara yawns at this.


As the student body president of Rakuzan, Akashi had to give the farewell speech. The three uncrowned kings congratulate him. However, they are curious about Mayuzumi. They didn't hear his name being called and wonder if perhaps he never actually existed. Akashi answers "who knows", but can't completely hide a laugh.

4. A Miracle That Crossed The Ocean

This story takes place during Aomine and Kuroko's second year at Teiko Middle School. Their summer training camp is in July, before Nationals (Junior High) in August.

Part 1

The training camp takes place in Hawaii every year. Kuroko is nervous: This will be his first time on an airplane or going overseas. The other players alternately tease and reassure him.

Part 2

Sanada insists they go to the airport early. Last year when Aomine was a first year, he forgot his passport and Momoi was just barely able to bring it in time. So this year they're early. However, they're restless without the intense practice they usually have at this time; Aomine and Kise start a big chase. Shirogane creatively punishes them by making them sit in invisble chairs.

Murasakibara and Midorima have both brought large suitcases. While snacks are obviously what Murasakibara brought, Kuroko has to ask Midorima. It's possible future lucky items. Realizing that Kuroko had not been on the first string as a first year and furthermore was too tired after practice to comprehend the meeting afterwards, Midorima then tells Kuroko more about the format of the training camp. Three nights and five days, in addition to exercises they have practice matches with three Hawaii schools. Particularly strong is the power forward from Kaulaie.

Murasakibara spills his chips, infuriating Midorima. Kuroko steps out to the toilet to avoid the awkard situation. On his way back, he sees Momoi pacing. She has received a request from her mother and Aomine's mother to purchase brand name lipstick at the duty free store. She is nervous and considers asking Kise for help; however, he is still in the invisible chair. Akashi comes along and helps. Afterwards Kuroko thanks Momoi; he's reassured that it's also her first time going overseas.

Part 3

They arrive in Hawaii at 9 in the morning and are amazed. They still have to take a bus to their actual hotel. Sanada explains that there will be lunch in the lounge followed by free time until 3 pm, when they will gather in the lobby to head out for exercise. They must not leave the hotel during free time. Any member who does so will be barred from attending the barbeque party at the end of training camp.

Kuroko catches Aomine sneaking out the back room of the hotel. Midorima and Aomine are roommates; so are Akashi and Kuroko. However, Midorima went to fetch Akashi for a meeting, so Aomine and Kuroko were left unattended. Leaving their cell phones behind, they walk outside and enjoy the scenery, impressed by English used in real life. Until Kuroko realizes he is alone.

Part 4

Aomine had been distracted by a woman in a swimsuit. He realizes he's been separated from Kuroko but isn't sure what to do, so he prepares to swim in the ocean. He is scolded by someone: Kuroko, who has acquired a straw hat. He is accompanied by Hoku, an eight-year-old boy who has an appearance half Native Hawaiian and half Japanese. They speak both Japanese and English. Hoku accuses Aomine of being his brother's enemy. Just as Aomine recognizes him, the older brother in question comes around the corner, the small forward of Kaulaie: Tiki Oshiro.

Part 5

Tiki is the oldest of several siblings in the Oshiro family. Their father was Japanese and is now out of the picture; their mother is a native Hawaiian fortune teller. Tiki explains his brother's remarks: He has been scouted by a Japanese school, but they will only be interested in him if he can lead Kaulaie to win their practice match against Teiko.

Part 6

During the joint practice of Kaulaie and Teiko, the specs of the schools are discussed some more. The average height of Kaulaie's players is 180 centimeters. Tiki is shorter than this, but tall for a Japanese boy his age, similar to the Teiko players. This is why he was so excited to be scouted by a Japanese school; at an American school he will not be competitive height-wise.

Part 7

Shirogane calls out Aomine for being distracted. Kuroko invites Aomine to watch an additional DVD of “Aomine, you seemed quite distracted today. Kuroko invites Aomine to watch a supplementary DVD of Kaulaie playing. Kuroko gets Aomine to admit that while he felt guilty about Tiki's situation, he still didn't intend to lose to him. Kuroko had realized this himself after Akashi took him aside and reminded him that Kuroko similarly never wanted people to go easy on him. They then come up with a strategy idea.

Part 8

The day of the match is here. Aomine and Kuroko were up all night practicing. Akashi and the coaches approved their plan. Tiki shakes hands with them.

Part 9

Kaulaie wins the tip-off with their center who is even taller than Murasakibara. They win more points at first too. Kise is particularly distressed that the crowd cheers for Kalauie and not for Teiko. Akashi deploys a plan to have Midorima make his three-pointers. This makes up the point difference as well as impressing the crowd.

Part 10

The second quarter begins. Kuroko subs in for Kise. His height independent technique of misdirection amazes Tiki. The Oshiro siblings begin cheering for him, and the captain of Kaulaie leads the players to reassure Tiki. They continue the second quarter close behind Teiko.

Part 11

In the third quarter, Aomine and Kuroko are subbed out for Kise and a third year. Kise is no longer bothered by the cheers. Aomine and Kuroko closely observe from the bench.

Part 12

In the fourth quarter, Aomine and Kuroko take to the court once more. Tiki plays extremely hard, delighted to play against Aomine. He thinks that Teiko has really great techniques and it would be great to play basketball in Japan like this.

With one minute left in the game, Kaulaie is behind by one point. The shooting guard fakes and passes to Tiki, who makes the shot. Kaulaie is winning with six seconds on the clock. Then Kuroko catches the ball and makes the cyclone pass to Aomine on the other side of the court, who makes the basket. Teiko wins.

Part 13

On the last day they have the barbecue party. Kuroko acquires vegetables, giving up on pushing his way through to get meat. Aomine and Tiki each bring him meat. Tiki thanks them for playing a thrilling "last match". Aomine and Kuroko admit that the cyclone pass was a big gamble, amusing Tiki. Kuroko gets up to fetch drinks. Aomine admits to Tiki that he struggled to stay invested without a rival and is grateful for Kuroko keeping him on track as they prepared to play against Tiki.

Kuroko comes back and alerts Aomine to a new plate of meat, which he leaves to get. Alone with Kuroko, Tiki expresses the concern that Aomine will someday surpass all his rivals. As if telling Kuroko's fortune, Tiki says he has faith in him to bring Aomine a strong opponent. Kuroko is confused because they're teammates.

Aomine comes back announcing that they have Kobe meat on the grill now. Tiki gets up, excited. Aomine and Kuroko fist bump before going too.

Bonus: The Gathering of Legends

About the coaches who used to be on the national team.



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