Kuroko no Basuke Official Fan Book CHARACTERS BIBLE or simply CHARACTERS BIBLE is the first official Kuroko no Basuke fan book. 

The book contains vital information and data until chapter 158 on each character, ranging from their height and weight to their birth dates and more. It also includes information on every notable school participating in the Interhigh and the Winter Cup, a made-up interview with some of the main characters and the author Tadatoshi Fujimaki himself. The book also contains Fujimaki's one-shot of Kuroko no Basuke published in Akamaru Jump in 2007.


  • The cover of the book is composed of two layers. The second layer is just the paper cover of the book, but it is wrapped in a transparent layer with Kuroko and the title of the book on it. But what's special about this, is that Kuroko is seen performing a drive, obviously his Vanishing Drive, also in the correct position and that when the reader removes the first layer of the cover, that Kuroko literally disappears, creating the illusion of his actual Vanishing Drive.
  • The book has been re-edited four times, mainly to correct errors like Hyūga or Izuki's stats.


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