Kuroko no Basuke
Original Soundtrack
Ryosuke Nakanishi
Alpha Eastman
Release date September 26, 2012
Featured Order
Preceded by
Followed by
Kuroko no Basuke Original Soundtrack 2
Complete music list

Kuroko no Basuke Original Soundtrack (stylized as 「黒子のバスケ」ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK) is the original soundtrack CD of the Kuroko no Basuke anime series. It contains the opening and ending tracks and insert songs.

Track list

CD 1

  1. Can Do (TV Size)
  2. Avant (アヴァン)
  3. Basketball Club (バスケ部)
  4. The Smell of Strength (強さの匂い)
  5. Ignite Pass (イグナイト・パス)
  6. I'll Become Japan's Best (日本一になる)
  7. Riko Aida (相田リコ)
  8. Club Entry Form (入部届)
  9. Premonition (前兆)
  10. Light and Shadow (光と影)
  11. Encounter (遭遇)
  12. Seirin High School Basketball Club (誠凛高校バスケ部)
  13. Counterattack (逆襲)
  14. Taiga Kagami (火神大我)
  15. With Kuroko (黒子と)
  16. Ragtime (ラグタイム)
  17. Regularly (ちゃんちゃん)
  18. Special Ability (特殊能力)
  19. Comical (コミカル)
  20. Misdirection (ミスディレクション)
  21. Generation of Miracles (キセキの世代)
  22. Frustration (苛立ち)
  23. Pressure (プレッシャー)
  24. Provocation (挑発)
  25. Steal (スティール)
  26. Close Showdown (接戦)
  27. Offense-Defense (攻守)
  28. Tension (緊迫)
  29. Hard Struggle (奮闘)
  30. Threat (脅威)
  31. Unexpected Counterattack (予想外の反撃)
  32. Weakness (弱点)
  33. Fierce Battle (苦戦)
  34. Post-Game (試合後)
  35. Junior High (中学時代)
  36. Start It Right Away (TV Size)

CD 2

  1. RIMFIRE (TV Size)
  2. Victory (勝利)
  3. Impression (感動)
  4. Mystery (謎)
  5. Persistent Fighting Spirit (不屈の闘志)
  6. Confrontation (対峙)
  7. Crisis (危機)
  8. Fear (恐怖)
  9. Gamble (駆け引き)
  10. Quick Attack (速攻)
  11. Marsh (泥沼)
  12. Overwhelming (圧倒的な)
  13. Kagami (火神)
  14. Melee (乱戦)
  15. Unity (団結)
  16. Deadly Battle (死闘)
  17. Friendship (友情)
  18. Time Out (タイムアウト)
  19. Defeat (敗北)
  20. Co-op Play (連携プレー)
  21. Training Camp (合宿)
  22. CATALRHYTHM (TV Size) (カタルリズム (TV Size))


CD 1

  • Track 1: Lyrics by Kisho Taniyama, composed and arranged by Masaaki Iizuka, performed by GRANRODEO
  • Tracks 2-11, 14-25, 27, 28 and 30-35: Composed and arranged by Ryosuke Nakanishi
  • Tracks 12, 13, 26 and 29: Composed and arranged by R・O・N
  • Track 36: Lyrics, composed and arranged by Kenichi Maeyamada, performed by Hyadain

CD 2

  • Track 1: Lyrics by Kisho Taniyama, composed and arranged by Masaaki Iizuka, performed by GRANRODEO
  • Tracks 2-21: Composed and arranged by Alpha Eastman
  • Track 22: Lyrics by YORKE, composed and arranged by R・O・N, performed by OLDCODEX


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