Leave It To Me
Chapter 47
Chapter 47, Volume 6
Title Leave It To Me
Release date October 26, 2009
Anime episode Episode 17
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Leave It To Me is the forty-seventh chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


In their respective locker rooms, the players are faced with their respective managers’ terrible cooking skills (both girls didn’t peel the lemons before making the supplements). Luckily, Ryō Sakurai and Mitobe respectively have brought properly made lemons with honey. Aomine tells his team to only pass to him in the second half; he’ll score each time. Saying this, he steps out to warm up with Momoi in tow. Wakamatsu angrily turns to their coach, asking him not to let Aomine get away with this kind of attitude. Imayoshi tells Wakamatsu not to make such a fuss each time. It’s true Aomine is arrogant, but such arrogance is the result of the confidence gained through overwhelming victories. This is the course Tōō Academy has decided on—winning only matters. Looking at his teammates, Sakurai thinks that they’re all united by their selfishness—still he’s never felt that they’ll lose.

Momoi confronts Aomine; she tells him to get serious since they are facing Tetsu’s team. He tells her he knows and feels bad that he underestimated them. He should have shown up earlier.

In Seirin’s locker room, Kagami offers Kuroko some lemon, but he states that he’s all right. He asks Riko to let him play in the second half as well, so he can face Aomine. Izuki and Hyuuga think it’s a bad idea since his misdirection is already fading. When Kuroko insists again, Kagami grabs a lemon and stuffs it into Kuroko’s mouth. He tells Kuroko to practice what he preaches—basketball is a team sport; therefore, he should rely on his team. Riko agrees; she says she’ll let Kuroko play in the final quarter-as long as they are not too far behind. When they are walking out, Kuroko warns Kagami that, like Midorima and Kise, he has no idea of Aomine’s growth; Kagami should be careful.

Final Line: “No one could have it known then, but after this match, Seirin will never be the same again.”

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