Leave It To Me!
Chapter 58
Chapter 58, Volume 7
Title Leave It To Me!
Anime episode Episode 21
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Leave It To Me! is the fifty-eighth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Riko and Hyuuga plan to hold two training camps this year at two different locations. They want to make use of this vacation as preparation for the upcoming Winter Cup. During practice, the second years also notice that Kuroko and Kagami have patched things up; they act like their usual selves. The entire team is relieved; however, another crisis is looming—Hyuuga announces that they’ll have to do their own cooking. Unfortunately, the coach is the worst cook (the team won’t be able to move, let alone cook, after such intense training).

Although Riko tries her best, she almost ends up killing all of them. Luckily, Kagami quickly solves this problem by training Riko how to make curry. Everyone discovers that Kagami is a great cook and are overjoyed that he can train her. Nevertheless, the curry she prepared for them for some reason still almost kills them. Kuroko’s serving, however, tastes all right since he helped himself. When Riko prepares another serving, they notice that she’s adding all kinds of food supplements and vitamins to the serving. They conclude this is the reason for their food to still taste bad even under Kagami’s supervision. They beg her not to do anything else to the food; only then will they be able to survive the training camp.

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