Leave It To Me!!
Chapter 150
Chapter 150, Volume 17
Title Leave It To Me!!
Release date January 23, 2012
Anime episode Episode 46
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You Can't Compete With A Switchable Blade
I Want To Crush It Down

Leave It To Me!! is the one hundred and fiftieth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Liu goes for the rebound, but Kiyoshi gets the ball with his Vice Claw, and Seirin goes for the counter. Facing Murasakibara, Hyuuga passes the ball to Kuroko who again uses his Phantom Shot while Murasakibara blocks him in futility. The break comes, and both teams head to their respective locker rooms.

In Yosen's locker room, Coach Masako Araki tells the team that Seirin will pull Kuroko in the game for a while and says that they didn't expect Kuroko's Phantom Shot. Furthermore, she is confident that they will not use his Misdirection Overflow because it's ineffective against Yosen because of their defensive style. Meanwhile Riko tells the boys that Kiyoshi will mark Murasakibara now, and Kagami will mark Himuro.

The match starts, and Seirin begins their defensive formation. Fukui passes the ball to Himuro, and Kagami is about to take Himuro on.

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