Leave This To Me
Chapter 253
Chapter 253
Title Leave This To Me
Makasete Kure
Release date March 12, 2014
Anime episode Episode 71
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Leave This To Me is the two hundreth and fifty-third chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga. 


Izuki thinks that he’s scared because he is in such a serious pinch, but he feels amazingly calm as well. Takao can’t believe Izuki managed to draw out Hayama’s full strength. Kasamatsu comments that Izuki is often overshadowed by great players. Nevertheless, he maintains his composure throughout. Moreover, he thinks to himself that Izuki is the one who faced Akashi all this time.

When Hayama dives in, he passes Izuki. Izuki uses Eagle Spear, but Hayama still manages to elude him. Hayama gets past Kiyoshi and scores. After the play, Koganei comes over to Izuki to offer some words of encouragement. Izuki reassures him that he’s not worried; instead, he feels excited at the chance to face such a strong player. As they get ready for the next play, Koganei pats Izuki on the back, telling him he’s caught “Kagami bug”. Izuki tells him that sounds creepy.

Kuroko once again uses Ignite Pass Kai and gets the ball to Kiyoshi. Nebuya exclaims that he’s extremely irritated they can get by him by using the same play repeatedly. After Kiyoshi scores, Hayama tells Akashi to give him the ball—he’s going to destroy Izuki once and for all.

In the next play, Hayama gets past Izuki once again. However, Imayoshi notices that Izuki is observing Hayama’s dribbling pattern—he didn’t even bother to try and stop him using Eagle Spear. On the court, Izuki thinks that he has to read ahead of each play—that’s what he learned from facing Akashi. When Seirin gets the ball again, Koganei tries to score, but he misses. Kagami dunks in his missed shot, and Koganei thanks him as they run back. The score is now Seirin 58, Rakuzan 80.

When Rakuzan attacks, Hayama faces Izuki again. He knows he can get past Izuki; it’s impossible to stop him. Suddenly, Nebuya yells his name, and Hayama is stupefied by what happens next.

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