Let's Be Friendly
Chapter 126
Chapter 126, Volume 14
Title Let's Be Friendly
Nakayoku Shiyōya
Anime episode Episode 40, Episode 41
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Let's Be Friendly is the one hundredth and twenty-sixth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


On the court, Imayoshi tells Izuki that this world is not kind enough to allow people to win on hard work alone. He suddenly shoots the ball, shocking Izuki. Too late, Izuki realizes that it’s actually a pass to Wakamatsu, who easily dunks it in. Imayoshi adds that Seirin really thinks to little of them. He stuns everyone when he unexpectedly marks Kuroko. As the plays continue, Izuki can’t believe that Kuroko’s misdirection isn’t working. Furthermore, Kuroko can’t even shake of Imayoshi.

In the upper balcony, Hanamiya declares that Imayoshi is the kind of “evil guy” who can break whatever Seirin is planning. On the court, Imayoshi tells a shocked Kuroko that they should be friends; moreover, some things are more visible from behind the mirror.

Flashback: In Tōō’s locker room, Momoi explains to Susa (Kuroko’s mark) how he can counter misdirection. Imayoshi quickly grasps the concept—Kuroko’s mark should look at the person Kuroko is making eye contact with, and the mark should not look at Kuroko himself. He tells Susa they should change marks, and he will take on No. 11.

Presently, Hiroshi Yamazaki comments that this means that Imayoshi is actually smarter than Hanamiya. He replies that he can’t speak about Imayoshi’s brain power; however, he is the most dangerous person who can easily figure out what others are thinking and planning.

On the court, Imayoshi shoots a three-pointer and scores. Hyuuga tires to retaliate with Barrier Jumper, but Sakurai, thanks to Momoi’s help, is able to read Hyuuga’s moves. Kiyoshi realizes that Tōō is really showing them their true power. Simultaneously, Aomine tells Kagami that everyone is enjoying themselves—they should begin “round 2” as well.

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