Let's Do Our Best
Chapter 215
Chapter 215, Volume 24
Title Let's Do Our Best
Ganbari Mashau
Release date May 27, 2013
Anime episode Episode 64
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Let's Do Our Best is the two hundred and fifteenth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Summer break, Shigehiro Ogiwara's junior high school gym. The basketball team is practicing vigorously and Ogiwara is even more hyped up as usual, spilling his drink all over his mouth when he tells his upperclassmen that he's psyched up to play Kuroko in the Nationals. Meanwhile, Kuroko is laying on the gym floor, completely exhausted. Akashi says that Kuroko has to step up if he wants to play two matches in one day. The Teikō team continues their harsh and intense practice while Momoi observes. Sanada and Shirogane talk about how strong this team really is, having many attention draw towards them by the press and media. Shirogane presses that they have to be even more careful.

Finally, the Nationals take off, with the opening ceremony housing all the junior high teams lined up. As soon as the ceremony comes to an end, the Teikō team is bombarded by journalists. While the regular members and even Momoi have trouble with it, Akashi gives them model answers. As always, Kuroko is overlooked. Then, Ogiwara enters the scene and hangs his arm around Kuroko's shoulders, being very familiar. Kuroko seems happy to see him and they exchange some small talk. Ogiwara is called by his teammates and before leaving, Ogiwara declares once again that they will face each other in the finals, something Kuroko is looking forward to.

Aomine feels the pressure

Aomine effected by the pressure of winning

The next day, the group stage of the Interschool tournament begins. Teikō is set to play Kōen Junior High. When the match commences, all the players on the Teikō team felt the tension, the pressure of being labeled the strongest team in years. The weight of needing to win presses on their shoulders. During the actual match, Akashi plays it safe and Midorima hits a three, however while hitting the rim. The players feel heavy and even though they won under Akashi's guidance, it was "only" with a 19-point margin. The next match, Teikō plays their third years, resting Aomine and the rest. Under the same kind of pressure, the team ends up with the same result as the previous game.

Having qualified for the play-offs, the team has some free time. Aomine runs into Inoue from Kamizaki Junior High and they have a friendly chat. Momoi tells Kuroko that the two are rivals and that it seems that they will face off in the first round already.

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