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Let's Get Started
Chapter 59
Chapter 59, Volume 7
Title Let's Get Started
Hajimeru wayo
Anime episode Episode 21
Chapter guide
Leave It To Me!
Don't Make Me Laugh

Let's Get Started (chapter) is the fifty-nineth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


The entire team first heads to the beach. Riko instructs them to play a form of basketball on the sand; she wants them all to focus on overcoming their fundamental weaknesses, and everyone should individually improve their abilities. Kagami trains alongside everyone else; he specifically notices that it’s harder for him to make his jumps. Kuroko also sees that he can’t bounce his passes on the sand. After training on the beach, they practice indoors. Everyone notices improvement in their movements.

Later, at the inn, during the regular stretching session, Kuroko mentions his concerns to Kagami about trying to develop his new style. Kagami doesn’t know presently how to help him. Riko and Kiyoshi also talk about the effectiveness of this training camp. She asks why he didn’t become captain, but he insists that Hyuuga is more suited to that role.

Simultaneously, Shutoku arrives at the inn. Takao comments on how old the place is; Midorima tells him to be quiet.

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