Let's Go!
Chapter 13
Chapter 13, Your Basketball
Title Let's Go!
Release date March 16, 2009
Anime episode Episode 6
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Let's Go! is the thirteenth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Papa's photo

Papa's photo

In about 3 weeks, the Interhigh Preliminaries will start. Furihata and Kawahara say that the second years made it to the final league last year; furthermore, the first two matches will be easy since Kuroko and Kagami are on their team. Hyūga hits them and says that it's over if they lose even once. One of Seirin's member has made the copies of the tournament, so Hyūga says to give every one a copy. At the back of it, there is another table that has four blocks which is the final league.

Riko comes back after watching their first opponent. She says an exchange student who is Papa Mbaye Siki will give them trouble to win. She shows them a picture of Papa and everyone is surprised because of his height. Kuroko's teammates let him think of his nickname. Kuroko's nickname for him is "Dad".

Dad picks up Kuroko

Papa insults Kuroko

Due to Papa's height, his arms and legs are long. Riko tells Kuroko and Kagami to conduct special training. Interhigh Preliminaries will start at May 18, so they undergo training in order to be strong.

The Interhigh Preliminaries start. Seirin assembles on the court and everyone is looking for Papa. Papa arrives, hitting his head on top of the door saying everything is short in Japan. The all get surprised with his height. Tanimura comments that Seirin defeated Kaijō in a practice match. Papa is disappointed to discover that the Generation of Miracles are that weak, and he accidentally bumps into Kuroko. Papa picks him up, insulting Kuroko because he thinks he is a kid due to his height and shouldn't be on the court. Then he suddenly sees his jersey and is surprised that he's a player. Then Papa goes on to insult the Generation of Miracles, claiming they lost to a kid like Kuroko. The battle will start and Kagami says that he'll teach Papa for not insulting kids.

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