Let's Go (episode)
Episode 16
Episode 16
Title Let's Go (episode)
Air date July 21, 2012
Manga chapters Chapter 43, 44 and 45
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Let's Go (episode) (やろ一か, Yarōka) is the sixteenth episode of the Kuroko no Basuke anime.


Even without Aomine, Touou takes an early lead using Momoi's scouting information and predictions. Seirin only manage to break through using Kuroko and Kagami, both of whom Momoi can't predict. The first quarter finishes with Touou still in the lead, 25-21. The second quarter begins and Riko realises that Kagami is still injured. She subs him off the court and tapes his legs, apologising for having to use him while he's injured. As Kagami is about to re-enter the game, with 51 seconds left in the 2nd Quarter and Touou 10 points in the lead, Aomine arrives –ready to play. 

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