Let's Go Have Some Fu~n
Chapter 82
Chapter 82, Volume 10
Title Let's Go Have Some Fu~n
Anime episode Episode 28
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Let's Go Have Some Fu~n is the eighty-second chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Narumi’s crying face makes his captain ask him what’s wrong. He responds that his captain is so mean—when he said that Seirin’s coach was a girl, he expected someone more feminine. He suddenly points at Riko, exclaiming she’s not good looking at all. He demands that Kawase should return what he took from him. Seirin is speechless; Riko smiles and instructs them using hand signals to slaughter Josei. Seeing her raging aura, the boys agree.

When the game begins, Tsubuku and Sakuma double-team Kagami. However, the second years are still able to score. As the first quarter progresses, Kagami is incredibly frustrated about two things-the way Josei is marking him and the fact that he hasn’t scored a lot today. Kiyoshi suddenly pats him on the head. Annoyed (but still respectful), Kagami tells Kiyoshi that he is hitting his so hard that his head might cave in. Kiyoshi seriously replies that there is no way his hand could do that. Kiyoshi tells Kagami to calm down, and he instructs everyone to have fun. As Kiyoshi walks away, Kagami tells Kuroko that he never noticed how big Kiyoshi’s hands are.

Sakurai and Imayoshi arrive at the arena to watch the game. Imayoshi wonders how Seirin will fare against Josei who has a strong center. Currently, Seirin’s inside is too weak to beat them. When they start watching, Imayoshi suddenly looks at the court in surprise. He tells Sakurai that it’s a good thing that they came today. Now, they’ll be able to see Kiyoshi, Teppei in action. He adds that Kiyoshi has a center’s strength and a point guard’s passing sense. Therefore, he can use his technique, Right of Postponement.

Because of Kiyoshi’s technique, Narumi is unable to determine what he is going to do next. This allows Seirin to rapidly score. In the quarter’s final play, Kagami jumps to dunk the ball through the hoop, but he ends up “head-butting” the hoop and not scoring at all. Kawase can’t believe that anyone could jump that high; furthermore, no one has ever head-butted the hoop before. At the end of the first quarter, the score is Seirin 29-19 (Josei). Kuroko tells Kiyoshi that he doesn’t need to sub-out yet as he drags Kagami off of the court.

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