Let's Stop 'Em is the one hundred and forty-sixth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Murasakibara wins the tip off, but the referee whistles to stop the game as Murasakibara violated the tip off. As a result, the latter gets scolded by his teammates except Himuro. The referee is surprised that Murasakibara reached the ball despite that he threw it at the right height. Kagami is shocked that Murasakibara's arms span such a great distance, and Riko states that his build alone was unfair. Alex notices that his jumping power surpasses Kagami as well.

Then Seirin takes the ball, and Yosen goes to their defensive stance. Serin performs their super high speed pass, and Hyuuga gets the ball to shoot, but Murasakibara quickly blocks his shot. Izuki manages to get the ball and passes it to Kuroko, and the latter quickly passes it to Kagami who was free to take the shot. Unfortunately, Murasakibara quickly blocks him because his territory is the entire three point range.

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