Let’s Do This, Rakuzan!!
Chapter 257
Chapter 257
Title Let’s Do This, Rakuzan!!
Ikuze Rakuzan!!
Release date April 9, 2014
Anime episode Episode 72
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I’m Doing All That I Can Like This
We Can’t Stop You Anymore

Let’s Do This, Rakuzan!! is the two hundreth and fifty-seventh chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga. 


The third quarter ends with the score at 68 - 88, and it is time for the 2 minute intermission. On the sidelines, Kaijō comments on the match, and that by now, it would be very difficult, if not impossible, for Seirin to catch up to Rakuzan in only 10 minutes. Kasamatsu, however, notices that even in these circumstances, Seirin has not given up. He also tells his teammates that it's not just the tactics that are important but also the heart.

On Seirin's bench, Hyūga tells everyone that he's coming back into the game, and he's going to defeat Mibuchi. Koganei apologizes to Hyūga for not being able to stop Mibuchi, but Hyūga thanks him and tells him that it is thanks to Koga that he is able to fight now. Koganei smiles and tells Hyūga that he is counting on him. Koganei then goes to get a drink while thinking of his mistakes and weakness. Koganei starts crying when Mitobe puts a towel on his head.

Teams return

Both teams return to the court

On Rakuzan's bench, Eiji Shirogane tells his players that they will keep their current style of play, and they cannot allow Seirin to catch up to them in points. He tells the Rakuzan members to completely crush Seirin. Akashi then tells Mibuchi, Nebuya and Hayama not to slack off as Seirin has still not given up. Mayuzumi notices that Akashi didn't tell him anything, and he concludes that Akashi will probably use him again the same way he did before. Akashi goes back to the court saying that Rakuzan will win and that he is absolute. Mayuzumi notices the sudden change in Akashi and notes that Akashi is giving him chills. The intermission ends as both teams go back on the court. Seirin do their cheer before going back.

Kuroko Ignite Pass

Kuroko's Ignite Pass

Kuroko approaches Kagami who tells him that he is almost at his limit. However, he tells Kuroko that he won't give up since he is marking Akashi. As the match starts, the familiar faces in the crowd notice Seirin going with their special pattern, which is Kuroko's Ignite Pass. Kuroko passes the ball to Hyūga who prepares to shoot. Mibuchi is fast to mark him when Hyūga recollects his shaking hands just before the final quarter started. He remembers the pressure he feels but also Riko's encouragement. Hyūga then shoots a 3-pointer, scoring the basket for Seirin.

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