Like I'd Lose
Chapter 137
Chapter 137, Volume 16
Title Like I'd Lose
Release date October 10, 2011
Anime episode Episode 43
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I'll Win!!

Like I'd Lose is the one hundred and thirty-seventh chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Seirin reaches a one point difference; as Katsunori Harasawa is about to call for a timeout, he stops when he sees Aomine refusing a helping hand from Susa--smiling, Aomine declares that this is the best part. Masaaki Nakatani notices this, and Kagetora thinks that this situation required Harasawa to read the determination in his players' eyes.

Aomine enters the Zone again, and Tōō Academy has the ball. Seirin enters in their defensive formation. Imayoshi passes the ball to Aomine, who then passes Kagami one more time. Kiyoshi guards him; however, Aomine scores from behind the basket, and he tells them that he won't lose. The score reverts back to a 3 point difference for Seirin. As the game is about to end, Kuroko uses his Misdirection Overflow on Hyuuga combining with the latter's Barrier Jumper against Sakurai, but it doesn't work because Sakurai can still see him.

However, Hyuuga passes the ball to Kagami only to be blocked by Aomine, but Kagami remembers Midorima's advice from Summer Training, and he passes the ball to Kiyoshi. He is about to score, when Wakamatsu reacts to this and tries to block him. Wakamatsu realizes too late that that he faked his move, and Kiyoshi shoots resulting in a foul for Wakamatsu.

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