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There are several miscellaneous references in Kuroko no Basuke, ranging from companies and brands to candy.


  • Kerosuke: parody of Kero-chan, which is sold by the Kowa Company
  • Pocapi Sweat: parody of Pocari Sweat
    • Seen in season 2
  • Citizon: parody of Citizen, a company which sells watches/clocks
    • Shown in Episode 10
  • Packy: parody of Pocky
  • Sticky: parody of Pocky
  • Polocky: parody of Pocky
  • Ketty-chan: parody of Hello Kitty
  • Noraemon: parody of Doraemon
  • Kelbaa: parody of Kalbee, a snack brand (potato chips)
  • Maiubo: parody of Umaibo
  • Zunon Boy: parody of Junon Boy
  • Pandai: parody of Bandai
  • Billmark: parody of Bullmark
  • Peter/Old man with the goats: parody of Peter the goatherd from Heidi
  • Gotou Pharmaceuticals: parody of the Kowa Company
  • Gultraman: parody of Ultraman
  • Mai Horikita: parody of Maki Horikata
    • A gravure idol Aomine is a fan of
  • Momo Jirō Kun (もも次郎君) : parody of Gari Gari Kun
    • A popsicle that characters are often seen eating
  • Pigmon: parody of Lipton
    • Episode 26 (6:17-6:20)
  • Mako Horiuchi: parody of Makoto Horiuchi
    • An idol that Imayoshi had mistaken for Mai Horikata and had used a magazine of her to trick and trap Aomine
  • Lazy God - Rolly Pencil: parody of the lucky pencil from the Yushima Tenman-gū Shrine
    • The actual lucky pencil can be purchased from the Yushima Tenman-gū Shrine
    • Yushima Tenman-gū Shrine is a famous shinto shrine dedicated to Tenjin, the God of Learning.


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