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  • Maji Burger in the anime
  • Kagami at Maji Burger
  • Seirin at Maji Burger in the manga
  • The "M" convenience store

Maji Burger (マジバーガー) is a fast-food restaurant in Seirin, Tokyo. Kuroko and Kagami come here occasionally to eat after school. While Kagami eats dozens of burgers, Kuroko usually sits at a table to look at people.[1] It was outside this restaurant that Kuroko and Kagami decided to defeat the Generation of Miracles together.[2]

Maji Burger appears to be some sort of gathering place for the Seirin team. The second-years decided on their positions in the past and the team sometimes eats together in this restaurant.

The "M" sign has also appeared on a convenience store in Teikō, although slightly modified.[3] It is unknown if this is also part of the Maji franchise or not. The convenience store has slight similarities to the store 7/eleven.


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