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Masaya Kubota (久保田正也, Kubota Masaya) was a third year and a shooting guard of Teikō Junior High's first string.


Kubota has long black hair that cover his eyes and ears. He is of average height and build. During his time at Teikō, he wore the number 10.


Kubota first appeared alongside others first players string, welcoming the arrival of Kuroko.[1]

Teiko team's substitutes

Kubota (3rd from left to right) during the Nationals Junior High

In a training session, he scolded Nijimura for letting Aomine passing him easily.[2]

During the Nationals Junior High, Kubota was mainly used as a substitute for the team. He eventually retired with Nijimura and Sekiguchi.


  • His name wasn't known until the fanbook KUROFES.


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