May I Ask Who You Are?
Chapter 53
Chapter 53, Volume 7
Title May I Ask Who You Are?
Dochira-sama desuka
Release date November 30, 2009
Anime episode Episode 19
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May I Ask Who You Are? is the fifty-third chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kagami is sitting by himself—he wants to find a way to get stronger.

At Seirin High, the basketball team is getting ready for practice. Koganei states that he hates three things: pigeons, avocado, and training hard right after a defeat. In the gym, Riko tells them that they should triple their practice. They boys immediately complain; however, when Riko suggests that they should quadruple it, they begin practice. Kuroko participates in the practice sessions as well. Watching them, Riko was worried that they would be disheartened after their defeat, but she’s relieved to see that they are all right.

Later on, Riko announces that their next chance for victory is in the upcoming Winter Cup. The boys remember the oath they took on the roof and decide to practice even harder so they won’t have to pay the “penalty”. Riko tells them Teppei Kiyoshi will also be returning. The first years ask about him, but Izuki tells them they’ll tell them about him later.

One week later, Kagami still hasn’t come to practice, annoying Hyuuga. When Koganei asks Kuroko about his whereabouts, Kuroko answers that he hasn’t spoken to Kagami in a while; he then leaves. The others are worried about their relationship. Practicing alone in the gym, Kuroko wonders how he can change. A young boy arrives and introduces himself as Kiyoshi, Teppei to Kuroko. He states that he can tell Kuroko wants to change but can’t figure out how to. Simultaneously, Hyuuga is talking with the other first years about Kiyoshi. Hyuuga tells them that he’s the “weirdo” who got started the Seirin Basketball Club.

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Teppei Kiyoshi is formally introduced in this chapter.