Seirin High vs Meisei High anime

Meisei plays against Seirin

Meisei High (鳴成高校, Meisei Kōkō) is a minor team from Tokyo. They were the winner of block C in the Interhigh preliminaries and got third in the final league and so advanced to the actual Interhigh. Their actions in the Interhigh are unknown. Because of their place in the top 8 teams of Tokyo, they were qualified for the Winter Cup preliminaries, but were immediately defeated by Kirisaki Daīchi High in the qualifiers.[1]

According to Riko, they are a pretty good team with some championship titles from the past.[2]


Interhigh preliminaries

Winter Cup preliminaries


  • The school where the protagonists of the legendary manga Touch attend, is Meisei Junior High and Meisei High.
  • Their School's name is in Japanese on their uniforms, unlike most of the other teams in the series.
  • The players' numbers (At least the starters) are 5, 4, 8, 7, and 10
  • In the anime their uniforms are sea green and dark sea green in their first appearence, but in their second appearance their uniforms are light green and yellow green.


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