Monday, 8:40 on the Rooftop
Chapter 2
Chapter 2, Volume 1
Title Monday, 8:40 on the Rooftop
Getsuyou Asa Hachiji Yonjuupun no Okujou ne!
Release date December 15, 2008
Anime episode Episode 2
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Monday, 8:40 on the Rooftop is the second chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Excited to play against Generation of Miracles, Kagami goes to Captain Hyuuga to ask about matches. However, he is told that he is not a proper member and is sent to Riko, who gives him a form to submit at rooftop on Monday at 8:40. On Monday at rooftop, Riko tells them to shout their name, class, and goal in front of the assembly or else confess to their crush naked. Kagami does it easily, but before Kuroko can say anything, they are cut short by a teacher. Kagami meets Kuroko at the store and asks him about his reason for playing basketball. Kuroko tells him about Generation of Miracles and their mentality, claiming that at Seirin he was moved by the players and their thoughts. Next morning, Kuroko writes his goal of making Seirin High "Number 1 in Japan" on the ground. During their practice, Riko arrives and tells them that she set up a match against a team with a player from Generation of Miracles.

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  • All the shouting done by the first years in this chapter was also done by their current senpais (aka the second years) during their rookie days (aka the founding days) of the team.