Nakamiya South High (中宮南高校, Nakamiya Minami Kōkō) is a minor team from Kagawa that competed in the Winter Cup. They were defeated by Seirin in the second round. Their captain is Takuma Ōtsuka.


Winter Cup

Playing style

Nakamiya South team plays a slow-paced and organized attacks. It suits well against offensive teams like Seirin, which had to adapt their strategies.[1]


Yū Tabata
Yuu Tabata anime mugshot

#11 // PG
Daichi Ueno
Daichi Ueno anime mugshot

#8 // SF


Masami Meguro
Masami Meguro anime mugshot

#6 // PF



  1. Kuroko no Basuke chapter 142, page 18


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