Not "Want"
Chapter 57
Chapter 57, Volume 7
Title Not "Want"
Naritai Janee yo
Anime episode Episode 20
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Not "Want" is the fifty-seventh chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kagami is practicing by himself, visualizing different plays to improve his technique. Kuroko reaches him out of breath; until he can collect his thoughts, Kagami suggests that they play a little one-on-one. While they’re playing Kagami recalls that the first time they played together was similar to this. Kuroko soon starts speaking, saying he lied to Kagami. He apologizes and continues to explain. In middle school, he received the uniform as the phantom sixth man, but they eventually stopped trusting him. Kuroko explains why he chose Kagami—because he needed someone strong enough to defeat the Generation of Miracles and make them acknowledge his style of basketball.

Kagami says that he knows he’s just like them, but Kuroko interrupts that he’s not—he really loves basketball from his heart, and he respects and admires Kagami’s open love for the game. He also observed him practicing just before he arrived, and he was happy to see Kagami was visualizing plays using the whole team. Kuroko adds that he’s figured out what Kagami really meant—he didn’t want to leave Kuroko the way the other Generation of Miracles did; he felt that they should individually get stronger, so they could combine ever greater strength. He’s glad that he joined Seirin High and is part of this team. With everyone, he wants to become the best in Japan and defeat the Generation of Miracles. Kagami responds that that was his intention all along. Both of them feel that they’ll be stronger by the Winter Cup, and they will become the best in the country.

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