Not Bad
Chapter 46
Chapter 46, Volume 6
Title Not Bad
Ii Janeeka
Release date October 19, 2009
Anime episode Episode 17
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Not Bad is the forty-sixth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Seirin’s players acknowledge Aomine; they can all tell he’s extremely different from normal players. Riko thinks that this is probably the words time for Aomine to show up. Ignoring everyone, Aomine goes straight to Kuroko and speaks to him. He tells Kuroko it’s been a while; he had wondered what kind of face Kuroko would have, but he’s glad to see he’s ready to face him. Kuroko answers that he is because he promised Momoi. Aomine retorts that he’ll hear Kuroko’s words after he beats him. As Aomine walks away, Kagami growls that he’ll show Aomine.

Both teams choose “isolation” for their next play, giving their respective aces space for battle. Aomine breaks free from Kagami; nevertheless, Kagami manages to stop him, surprising Aomine that he caught up so fast. Midorima and Kise are shocked by how high Kagami is able to jump. In the next play, even though Kuroko uses Ignite Pass and Kagami catches the ball, the counter attack is too slow. Kagami tries to dunk the ball in, but Aomine immediately knocks the ball away. Everyone is shocked at the speed of their plays. Suddenly, the first half is over; Aomine lazily says he can’t believe it. He turns toward Seirin, telling them they’re not bad. He had planned to score at least once before half-time; moreover, he adds that he thought that they were weak because they were ten points behind. He’s glad that he was wrong.

Watching him, Midorima states that Aomine is completely unbearable; he shows up late and also doesn’t play at full strength. On the court, Wakamatsu tells Aomine to play seriously. Aomine laughs and says he’s tired. But, he adds that he may try harder in the second half.

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