Not Good Enough
Chapter 246
Chapter 246
Title Not Good Enough
Madada yo
Release date January 22, 2014
Anime episode Episode 70
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A Miracle Won't Happen
I Won’t Accept It

Not Good Enough is the two hundreth and forty-sixth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga. 


Seirin’s will is shattering against Rakuzan, the emperors whose strength only inspires fear.

The half time begins; in Seirin’s locker room, Riko is unable to think of anything to say that will motivate everyone. Hyuuga suddenly tells everyone not to give up. Izuki thinks that he can still go on—their captain is always reliable at times like this. Hyuuga instructs Koganei to screen Mibuchi as much as possible so he can start scoring. Moreover, he tells Kiyoshi that he can’t lose to “that gorilla” (Nebuya). Kiyoshi wholeheartedly agrees. However, Riko speaks up, stating that this won’t be enough. She tells Kagami that they need him to keep the light of hope shining—he’ll be marking Akashi next. Izuki will try to handle Mayuzumi.

At Seirin’s bench, Hyuuga leads the team in a rousing cheer. The crowd is surprised that they haven’t given up. Rakuzan, however, feels that Seirin is only protecting their hearts from the darkness of despair. On the bench, Furihata thinks that Kuroko couldn’t find a solution although he studied the video of the first half. Finally, Kuroko fist bumps with Kagami, telling him he’s counting on him.

When the game restarts, Hyuuga immediately scores a three pointer. Seeing Seirin’s spirit, Okamura comments that Seirin has a 1% chance of catching up. Murasakibara listens as he adds that as long as they Seirin doesn’t give up, the possibility is not zero. Murasakibara then interrupts Okamura apologizing and announcing that Seirin “can’t win”.

Previously, during Rakuzan’s meeting, Akashi tells everyone that everything is proceeding according to plan. Now all they have to do is crush Hyuuga and Kagami. Mibuchi will handle Hyuuga, making Mibuchi smile at the prospect.

Presently, Aomine tells his team that Seirin can’t win because Akashi is there. Akashi never yields; he doesn’t battle sloppily. He won’t stop until he strangles the life out of out of Seirin.

On the court, Mibuchi shoots and intentionally makes Hyuuga foul him. Hyuuga earns his third foul; furthermore, Seirin realizes that Mibuchi did it purposely. Akashi declares that he will not loosen his grip on Seirin until they are all completely dead.

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