Only When He's At His Very Best!! is the one hundredth and seventeenth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


On Tōō Academy’s bench, Katsunori Harasawa looks at Kagami and Aomine facing off. He thinks to himself that Kagami is in a critical situation right now—if he loses here, the match will be over in an instant. Simultaneously, Aomine and Kagami mentally go through an incredibly realistic simulation of their face-off. Seeing the outcome, Kagami sighs and passes the ball to Izuki. He states aloud to Aomine that he is frustrated, but he can’t defeat him yet.

Observing the scene, the crowd thinks that Kagami fled the fight. However, Takao understand that Kagami did the opposite. Furthermore, Midorima acknowledges Takao’s analysis of the play and further elaborates on Kagami’s growth.

During the timeout, Seirin discusses the situation. Since there is no clear path, Hyuuga states that from now on he’ll start scoring from the outside and orders Izuki to pass to him. As they step out, Riko smiles, thinking that the team is depending on Hyuuga.

On the court, Hyuuga gets the ball and faces Sakurai. Stepping back, he unveils his new move-Barrier Jumper-shocking Tōō Academy’s players. After scoring, Hyuuga tells Sakurai (“the apologetic mushroom”) that the second years have grown as well.

From the bench, Koganei tells the first years that Hyuuga is on fire now—Hyuuga cracks his neck when he is completely focused-cocky and confident.

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