Please Take Good Care Of Us!
Chapter 110
Chapter 110, Volume 13
Title Please Take Good Care Of Us!
Yoroshū Tanomu wa
Anime episode Episode 37
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Please Take Good Care Of Us! is the one hundredth and tenth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Momoi tells Riko that she came here to tell her something. Riko is shocked once she hears what she says.

Meanwhile, both teams have made a bet over who can last the longest in the sauna. Wakamatsu can’t bear it for five minutes, and he jumps out of the room. He returns after a few minutes, but Imayoshi says he’s out now. Sakurai, too, almost passes out; Kiyoshi asks if he’s all right, and he responds positively, apologizing at the same time. Kiyoshi tells him he doesn’t have to apologize.

Imayoshi congratulates Seirin; they certainly have “leveled up”, and he almost didn’t recognize them. Hyuuga tells him that he should straight out state what he’s up to—it wasn’t a coincidence that they met here.

Inside, Aomine talks to Kuroko; he asks if the new move is the one that Satsuki mentioned. Kuroko replies that he created it to defeat him. Aomine answers that he’s sorry, but it won’t be enough--Tōō Academy is the one who’s going to win. However, before he can finish his sentence, Kagami returns. He casually drapes his arm over Aomine’s shoulder and finishes his sentence—Seirin is the one who’s going to win the Winter Cup. Aomine scowls and tells Kagami to remove his arm. He mocks his statement, adding that Kagami may have opened the “Door”, but it’s not enough—he’s not even close to the Generation of Miracles. Kagami can’t understand what he’s talking about.

Simultaneously, Imayoshi hands Hyuuga a sheet with the official matchups that Momoi received. Seirin can’t believe it—Imayoshi finally announces that Tōō Academy will look forward to playing their first game against them in the Winter Cup.

Momoi tells Riko that she likes Tetsu; that’s why this time she won’t hold back. Seirin will lose to them. Offended, Riko bursts out that they shouldn’t underestimate her boys. Hyuuga does the same against Imayoshi. He laughs and acknowledges their spirit; however, he adds that courage isn’t enough to beat them. Imayoshi concludes the discussion with one major point—everyone has increased in strength since the Interhigh, including Tōō Academy.

When Kuroko realizes he’s playing Aomine in their first match, he laughs softly. He apologizes to Kagami, explaining that he just celebrated internally right now. Kagami agrees; as he slowly crushes an aluminum can, he states they can now pay back the favor right away—nothing could be better than this. Aomine smiles, and he tells them to bring it on.

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