Please Teach Me
Chapter 142
Chapter 142, Volume 16
Title Please Teach Me
Release date November 14, 2011
Anime episode Episode 44
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Nice to meet you! (Nice to meet you!)
It Couldn't be Easy

Please Teach Me is the one hundred and forty-second chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Aomine is meeting with Kuroko out on the street; he questions Kuroko why he called him out of the blue today. Kuroko looks around, and he asks where Momoi is since she told him that she would be with Aomine. Irritated, Aomine retorts that Kuroko texted him, and he didn’t need to invite her. Kuroko finally gets to the point—he wants Aomine to teach him how to shoot. His request surprises Aomine.

On the subway ride home, Riko tells the other Seirin members about Kuroko’s plan. They are startled by the news, but Riko assures them that Kuroko realized after training with her father Kagetora that he had to learn how to shoot, so they would have another weapon in their arsenal.

Meanwhile, Aomine is at an outdoor court with Kuroko. Still annoyed, he tells Kuroko that it’s not right to ask the opponent you defeated one day ago for a favor. He suddenly then sits down, leaning against the hoop’s pole. He tells Kuroko that after going home, he just couldn’t relax because he kept recalling the game. He had decided that he wouldn’t let anything affect him, but after losing, all those horrible feeling came back—it was the worst night ever. He then gets up and tells Kuroko he’ll teach him, and Kuroko smiles softly. Aomine asks why he’s smiling, and Kuroko replies that they often used to come here and practice as Teiko second years. Piqued, Aomine tells him to hurry up. Meanwhile, Momoi is left all alone on the street!

The next morning Kagami continues his training with Alex. The Seirin members also study their next opponents. Finally, the third day of the Winter Cup begins with 16 matches which include the remaining members of the Generation of Miracles. Seirin High also plays Nakamiya High today.

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