Please Teach Me
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Episode 44
Episode 44
Title Please Teach Me
Air date February 15, 2014
Manga chapters Chapter 140, 141 and 142
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Please Teach Me (教えてください, Oshietekudasai) is the forty-fourth episode and the nineteenth episode of the 2nd season of the Kuroko no Basuke anime.


Alex kisses Kagami

Alex reunites with Kagami

After the tough and close win over Touou, the Seirin team decides to find a place to rest and rejuvenate. With no places to go due to various reasons, Kagami offers the team an invitation to his house. After a restful night for the team, they find Alexander Garcia, Kagami's master in basketball, sleeping in Kagami's house. The Seirin team, along with Alex, went to watch the Winter Cup match between Onita and Shutoku, with the latter taking the win easily, and Midorima caught Alex's attention.

Seirin High vs Nakamiya South High

Seirin High vs Nakamiya South High

After the match, the Seirin team goes to review their next opponent, Nakamiya South, while Alex brings Kagami to teach him something she didn't teach, and Kuroko meets Aomine to get the latter to teach him how to shoot. The match between Seirin and Nakamiya South is about to begin, and Seirin decides to bench Kuroko and Kagami, with the starting line-up entirely made of 2nd year players. Will Seirin take the game and proceed further in the Winter Cup?

Characters in order of appearance

Manga and Anime Differences

  • In one scene, more fruits were mentioned.
  • Riko being flat was not mentioned.
  • Alex's flashback was extended.
  • Alex's appearance was not mentioned by the spectators.
  • When Kuroko was talking to Aomine, the two did not talk about Momoi.
  • The flashback for the Generation of Miracles had all six.
  • In one scene, Momoi was not mentioned.
  • On the day of the tournament, teammates of the Generation of Miracles are shown in a different angles as well as the miracles themselves.
  • Alex was shown getting dressed in one scene.
  • After kissing Riko, it shifted to another scene instead of being outside of the apartment.