Please Win
Chapter 157
Chapter 157, Volume 18
Title Please Win
Release date March 12, 2012
Anime episode Episode 48
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Please Win is the one hundred and fifty-seventh chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


The referee calls a time out until the hoop stand can be repaired. On Seirin’s bench, Kiyoshi recalls his time in junior high.

Flashback: During practice, Kiyoshi tells his teammates that he really loves basketball, and that is why he works so hard. He used to have a height complex, but now he is glad that he is tall because he can finally protect his team. However, after playing Teiko Middle School, Kiyoshi is left utterly defeated. As the [[Generation of Miracles]] walk past him, Murasakibara stops to speak to a stupefied Kiyoshi. He asks Kiyoshi if he enjoyed himself after losing to Teiko 148-5. Murasakibara adds that because of Kiyoshi, he even tried harder, but ultimately that was even unnecessary. Moreover, Kiyoshi talked about protecting something, but in the end, he couldn’t protect anything. Kiyoshi also recalls his time with the Seirin basketball team.

Presently, with the score at 41-32, Kiyoshi again tries to score, but Murasakibara stops him. Kiyoshi frustratingly asks himself if he is not good enough. But, he decides that it is not over as he jumps to get the rebound. However, Murasakibara suddenly reaches up behind Kiyoshi and, using “Vice Claw”, grabs the ball before Kiyoshi can. Although Kiyoshi is stunned, he joins Kagami to face Murasakibara, avowing that he won’t let it happen again—he will protect Seirin. Murasakibara effortlessly scores again; the impact forces Kiyoshi and Kagami to the floor. Although Kagami gets up again, Kiyoshi is broken under the strain. As he slowly gets to his feet, he accepts the hand held out to him. However, this hand is Murasakibara’s who ridicules Kiyoshi ruthlessly as he pulls him up. Murasakibara derides Kiyoshi, telling him this is reality—eventually, he will run out of energy and be benched. Then he will die on the inside as Seirin suffers a painful defeat. Once again Kiyoshi was unable to protect anything. Murasakibara finally mockingly asks Kiyoshi if he despite all this, he enjoyed playing basketball.

After hearing Murasakibara’s words, Kiyoshi is speechless. Hyuuga rushes over to them and emphatically asks Murasakibara what he is doing. Murasakibara lazily responds that he just helped Kiyoshi up and tosses him to Hyuuga. Simultaneously, Kagami glares furiously at Murasakibara. Murasakibara listlessly questions if he is angry about something; all he did was give Kiyoshi a piece of his mind. Kuroko is called in for the member change. Bitterly, Kiyoshi rests his hand on Kuroko’s shoulder, telling him the rest in up to him—please win. Kuroko comes over and tells Murasakibara that Murasakibara said that Seirin will definitely lose if Kiyoshi is benched—nonetheless, Kiyoshi’s will is with them. Kuroko declares that he will defeat Murasakibara in Kiyoshi’s place.

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