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The school that has been playing in every Winter Cup ever since its founding tournament. Its championships are unmatched. The oldest and strongest king, emperor of creation, Rakuzan High School!

—Rakuzan being announced onto the court.

Rakuzan logo

Rakuzan High
Manga | Anime

Rakuzan High
Rakuzan High at the Winter Cup

Region Kyoto
Captain Seijūrō Akashi
Vice-captain Reo Mibuchi
Coach Eiji Shirogane
Takuo Sato (Assisstant Coach)
Manager Shōta Higuchi
Jersey color White Rakuzan Blue
Interhigh winner
Winter Cup 2nd place

Rakuzan High (洛山高校 Rakuzan Kōkō) is a prestigious school in Kyoto where the captain of the Generation of Miracles, Seijūrō Akashi, and three of the Uncrowned Kings play. They are also mentioned as the defending champion of the Winter Cup for the past five years and the school who won most tournaments, according to Hyūga. They are also the winners of this year's Interhigh.[1] Because of this, they are automatically placed for the Winter Cup. They lost against Seirin High in the Winter Cup finals, and were placed second.

Their victory against Tōō Academy in the Interhigh finals, earned them the reputation that they are a team of monsters. Although notably, both Akashi and Aomine were absent from that match. During the Winter Cup finals match against Seirin High, all of the Rakuzan starters have been one step before entering the Zone due to Akashi's influence.


Interhigh Edit

Winter CupEdit


Reo Mibuchi
Mibuchi anime mugshot

#6 // SG



10/10 Rakuzan chart
Bench Strength


  • Rakuzan High has been participating in the Winter Cup ever since it's founding tournament. Resulting in their title of the oldest and strongest King.[2]
  • They have participated in the three major tournaments for five years in a row, and they have won more than any other school. This year's lineup is the strongest ever.
  • Rakuzan's motto is “Accomplishment in both letters and arms” (は文部両道なので Wa Monbu Ryōdōnanode), which means to excel at both studies and sports.[3]
  • The school is conservative in certain ways and dislikes bringing in foreign sports players.[4]
  • Rakuzan's admission rates to top universities are high.
  • Another known basketball player is Shōta Higuchi, third year and also manager of the team before retiring. He is seen playing with Team Strky
  • In a way, Rakuzan High is similar to Teikō's Starters (without Kise). Captain/ Point Guard: Seijūrō Akashi, Vice-Captain/ Shooting Guard: Reo Mibuchi (similar to Shintarō Midorima), Small Forward: Kotarō Hayama (similar to Daiki Aomine, although Aomine occupies the PF Position), Center: Eikichi Nebuya (similar to Murasakibara) and the Phantom Sixth Man (Fifth in Rakuzan)/ Power Forward: Chihiro Mayuzumi (similar to Tetsuya Kuroko, although Kuroko's position is unknown)
  • Razukan can be seen as the high school equivalent of Teikō through it's reputation as the strongest team to it's almost identical team colours (both white with blue accents)
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  2. Kuroko no Basuke chapter 175, page 7


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