Risk It All!!
Chapter 272
Chapter 272
Title Risk It All!!
Subete o Kakero!!
Release date July 30, 2014
Anime episode Episode 75
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One Hundred Years Too Early
This Is The Final Play

Risk It All!! is the two hundreth and seventy-second chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga. 


The familiar faces in the crowd all note that if it wasn't for Akashi's basket, Seirin could have easily scored and evened up the score. However, with little time left and with a 7 point gap difference, Seirin will have to step up their game.

Kagami double teamed against Rakuzan

Kagami is double-teamed

Back to Seirin's attack, Rakuzan applies intense defensive pressure on Seirin, and they have decided to double-team Kagami. As Izuki cannot pass to Kagami, Kiyoshi calls for the ball, and he goes to the post against Nebuya. With less than 30 seconds left, Kuroko calls for the ball from Hyuuga; then the latter and Kuroko make a laternal Long Pass, which Seirin have also used before on Yosen.

Izuki's Eagle Spear

Izuki's Eagle Spear

Kagami eventually receives the ball, and shoots a 3-pointer, with Hayama and Mayuzumi's hands blocking his vision. It goes in, and it's 101 - 105, with Seirin still 4 points down with about 27 seconds left. Now Seirin has to stop this ball no matter what. However, it's Rakuzan's attack, and they decide to just use the clock. Everyone else is tensed up at this moment, but only Izuki is still calm and cool, something Imayoshi notices. Izuki kept telling himself to calm down, as he analyzed Rakuzan's plays at this moment.

Izuki then guessed that since Kiyoshi is at his limits, Rakuzan would find a way to get the ball to Nebuya to score, which is correct. As Mibuchi passes to Nebuya, Izuki intercepts it. With only 8 seconds left, Seirin is pulling a final fast brea

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