Chapter 88
Chapter 88, Volume 10
Title Run!!
Anime episode Episode 30
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Run!! is the eighty-eighth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Despite the “pinch” Kiyoshi tells Kuroko, Izuki, Hyuuga, and Kagami that they should have fun, and they’ll come up with something to handle this situation. After Hyuuga hits him lightly on the head, Kiyoshi suggests that they should start by subbing out Kuroko—he is not really needed right now. Riko has the same idea and sends Mitobe in. Koganei hands Kuroko a towel and reassures him; he tells Kuroko he knows he will return to the game. Kuroko responds that he has faith in his teammates. Plus, this will make it easier for him to use his new drive.

Momoi comes running into the arena. She is slightly piqued because she is late, and Aomine even refused to come with her. Kise suddenly meets her. When she calls him “Ki-chan”, he asks her to refrain from using that nickname. Nevertheless, she states that he’ll always be “Ki-chan”. He suggests that they should declare a temporary truce and watch the game together since they are both alone. She smiles and agrees.

Kiyoshi and Hyuuga explain the game plan to the players. When the game resumes, Seirin uses their run-and-gun style to score. Kiyoshi and Kagami also double team Midorima, but this leaves their inside weak. Although Kagami insisted earlier that he could handle Midorima himself, Kiyoshi replied he had to help him. To counter Shutoku, Hyuuga decides that the only thing they can do is to outscore them. When Takao first sees the extremely fast pace of this style, he’s amazed and thinks this is the new Seirin team. However, Ootsubo tells him that this how Seirin was before. Hyuuga and Kiyoshi-the stars of the outside and inside respectively-work with the other players to quickly score. Furthermore, Izuki, their point guard, helps with rapid cycling of the ball, resulting in swift passes.

Still, this is not enough to break Shutoku. In one play, Kagami is slow in stopping Midorima, and he scores. Midorima tells Kagami he shouldn’t lose focus for a second if he wants to stop him. Shutoku’s players suddenly clap him on the back, commending his performance. Seirin does the same with Kagami, telling him to look forward to the next play. Both teams are at full throttle when the first half ends.

Momoi asks Kise how the second half will proceed. He believes that it will be a point war between both teams. However, Seirin will fall first. Nonetheless, since they have Kuroko, they have a chance. The Generation of Miracles’s Phantom Sixth Man cannot stay silent at a time like this.

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