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Since I always win, I'm always right.

—Seijūrō Akashi

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Seijūrō Akashi
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Name Seijūrō Akashi
Kanji 赤司 征十郎
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 16
Height Rakuzan: 173 cm (5' 8")
Teikō: 158 cm (5' 2")
Weight 64 kg (141 lbs)
Birthday December 20th, Sagittarius
Blood type AB
Professional Statistics
Team Teikō (former)
Position Point Guard
Talent Emperor Eye
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 113
Anime Episode 38
Anime Hiroshi Kamiya
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Seijūrō Akashi (赤司 征十郎 Akashi Seijūrō) is the captain of Generation of Miracles. He is the only person that the Generation of Miracles knuckles under. He is now the point guard and captain of Rakuzan High and is competing in the Winter Cup. Akashi now serves as the main antagonist in the story.


Akashi has a rather small stature for someone who has captained the Generation of Miracles, as noted by Furihata, at only 173 cm tall, making him the shortest out of the Generation of Miracles. He has spiky red hair, large eyes with vertical pupils. His hair was worn with longer bangs in Junior High school and during the events preceding the Winter Cup. However at the beginning of the Winter Cup he cut them with Shintarō Midorima's scissors. Color pages have shown that Akashi has heterochromatic eyes, with his right eye being red and his left being yellow/orange. It was shown in a recent chapter that back in Junior High school, Akashi's eyes were both red. The change in colour occured in Junior High school when the initial conflict between the Generation of Miracles occurs. It can be noted that after his eyes changed, his personality also becomes much colder. He wears the white and light blue Rakuzan jersey with the number 4.

Akashi's appearance was not revealed for a long time. The times he appeared or was mentioned, only the lower part of his face or the back of his head was shown. It wasn't until Winter Cup that his full appearance was revealed.


Intimidating Akashi anime
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Akashi has a strange and extremely intimidating personality. He is able to control the Generation of Miracles, the only person shown so far whom they submit to. He has a certain level of respect for all of his teammates, former and present, and has utter faith in their abilities. He possesses a strong winners-mentality, believing that winners get everything in life while losers are denied all. However Akashi also has a tendency to take victory for granted as he holds that, for him, winning is merely a given and thus, lost the sense of accomplishent in victory. Akashi also views his power and skill as absolute and grows violent when anybody opposes what he says, shown when he tried to stab Kagami with the scissors he borrowed from Midorima when Kagami disobeyed him. However Kagami revealed that he could sense Akashi already knew he could evade it.[1]

While being the Generation's supreme commander, unlike the other members, Akashi addresses them informally, calling them by their first names.[2]However he had previously refered to them by last name prior to the event in which his personality changed. This is notable because most of the character's always address each other with their last or family names, with very few exceptions. Akashi also will not tolerate anyone that opposes him looking down on him or to speak to him in a derisive manner, stating that only those who serve him can look him in the eye, i.e. the Generation of Miracles and his Rakuzan team, while others who oppose him should know their place. Akashi also stated that his orders are absolute and he will use force to make others submit to them.

Akashi gouges eyes?
"I will gouge out my eyes, and give them to you."
BereisgreatAdded by Bereisgreat

Akashi seems to often take things to the extreme, as when he stated that if Rakuzan lost the match against Shūtoku it would be his fault and that he would quit the team and gouge out his eyes in repentance.[3] The reactions from all of his teammates and Midorima implied that they knew Akashi would actually do it, something that Takao noticed.

Despite his figure being somewhat related to as the manga's biggest villain, Akashi was shown in the Kuroko no Basket: Kiseki no Game to be extremley caring and considerate towards his former teammates. He constantly reminds them of doing things the right way, even in the way they eat and take care of their digestive system. It was much near the point of nagging that Aomine even called him "mother". In the manga it is also shown that he often has complete faith in his teammates, saying during the Shūtoku match that he did not believe that any of them would lose.[4]

It is later revealed that the initial change in personality occurs when Akashi was confronted with his first potential loss in a one-on-one against Murasakibara. When Akashi fully realized that he was going to lose, he suddenly snaps, saying that he will always win and will eliminate anyone who stands in his way, even if it were to be his parents, intimidating Murasakibara. After practice, where both Kise and Midorima muse on how Akashi seemed to become an entirely different person, Akashi finds Kuroko still training and tells him to give up on Aomine. A scared and worried Kuroko asks him who he was, but Akashi merely smiles manically and replies that he was obviously Seijūrō Akashi, also addressing Kuroko by his first name, Tetsuya, for the very first time. There was also a mention of 'two Akashi's', it can be inferred  that this refers to his personality change.


Akashi and Kuroko meet
Akashi and Kuroko meet
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Akashi is seen at the tryouts for the Teikō basketball club. His name is called as one of the four freshmen who made it into the first string of the club, a feat never seen before.[5] Akashi was participating in the first string matches until he meet Kuroko at the third string gym and saw his potential. He then pushed Kuroko forward to developing his Misdirection and later on after three months of waiting, Akashi gave Kuroko a decisive test for him to enter the first string. Kuroko passed and he was accepted into the first string where Akashi along with the others greeted him and introduced him to the school's motto "Ever-victorious".

At Kuroko's debut match, the coach put Kuroko in the game only to be taken out a second later due to a nose bleed. This surprised Akashi who then wondered if the coach would give Kuroko a second chance. During the second half, Kuroko is sent back into the game and Akashi gives him a last piece of advice, allowing Kuroko to finally use Misdirection properly during the match. Later on when Kuroko became a regular on the team, Akashi congratulated him.

Nijimura gives the captain position to akashi
Nijimura gives the captain position to Akashi
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When Kise joined the basketball club, Akashi assigned Kuroko as his supervisor. Meanwhile, Nijimura went to the coach to ask him to make Akashi the captain instead of him. With the coach's agreement, Nijimura gives Akashi the position of the captain. This was later on announced by the head coach to the team, shocking everyone. As Midorima and Akashi walk together, Akashi tells Midorima that Haizaki should be taken off the team, something which surprised Midorima. On the same day, the other team members got the news that Haizaki has quit the club.

Teiko wins the finals of the Nationals 2nd year
Teikō wins the Nationals
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Teikō has won all their matches in the Nationals and have advanced to the finals where they will face Kamata West Junior High, with the Genius Twins on the team. During the finals match Teikō had a hard time due to the foul play displayed by the twins. During the break Akashi told Midorima to get Kuroko as they will need his strength to win this match. Later on, Teikō wins their first Nationals. The next day after the Nationals, Akashi is summoned by the coach so he came to school earlier. When he comes into the gym he sees Kuroko practicing. Kuroko takes this chance to thank Akashi for all he has done, if it wasn't for him Kuroko would not be where he is now. Akashi then tells him that it is because of him that they won and that he will be counting on him in the future, telling him to focus on winning next year as well. Suddenly Momoi runs up to the two of them telling them that the head coach has collapsed.

Akashi awakes
The other Akashi makes his debut
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With the head coach in the hospital, the assistant coach has taken his position. During this time the Generation of Miracles talent has become to bloom causing concern for the coach. Back at his house, Akashi was having dinner with his father who told him that education is necessary but that club activities are also important. He tells Akashi that never the less he should concentrate on his studies as they have the highest priority for his future. The next day when Aomine skips practice, Akashi tells Kuroko to go and talk to him. Meanwhile, Murasakibara questions why he can't skip practice as well since Aomine is. Akashi and Murasakibara get into an argument and have a 1-on-1 match. The one who scores 5 baskets wins. As the match starts, Akashi is pushed back by Murasakibara. Realising he is going to lose, Akashi awakens his Emperor Eye and wins the 1-on-1 match against Murasakibara. He tells him that even though he won, Murasakibara is allowed to skip practice as long as he scores for the team. Later on Kuroko returns not succeeding to convince Aomine to come back. Akashi tells Kuroko to forget about Aomine, shocking Kuroko. Kuroko asked Akashi who he was, as he was not acting like himself, with Akashi replying that he was Seijūrō Akashi.

Akashi sees Kuroko practicing shooting in the gym and tells him that he should not be doing shooting practice. Kuroko then asks him if he likes basketball to which Akashi tells him that his question is ridiculous. Kuroko then tells Akashi that he has changed greatly to which Akashi tells him that there were two personalities in him and that they have merely traded places. He tells Kuroko that if he has changed, it is not because of him but due to the changes in the team.

Ogiwara and Akashi
Akashi meets Ogiwara
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In his third year, Akashi and the rest of the Generation of Mracles attended the Nationals again aiming for their third victory in row. They have once again won all of their matches and proceeded into the finals where they were to face Meikō Junior High. Just before the finals match Kuroko was injured by the Genius Twins and had to be taken to the infirmary. Akashi went to visit him but meets Ogiwara in front of the infirmary. Akashi then questions him what business he has with Kuroko and realises that Ogiwara is Kuroko's friend. Ogiwara leaves Akashi with a message to Kuroko. As Akashi enters the infirmary he is asked by Kuroko to participate in the finals. Akashi denies seeing Kuroko's condition, but tells him not to worry as their victory is certain. Akashi then gives Kuroko Ogiwara's message which was "We should definitely play again". Akashi then leaves the infirmary promising Kuroko not to hold back during the match.

Miracles after graduation
The Generation of Miracles gather after graduation
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Teikō has won the Nationals three years in a row. After the match Kuroko questions Akashi and the others on why they did what they did during the match. They simply replied back by saying that the opponent team was too weak and that otherwise they would have no fun. Kuroko then starts to question what victory really is. After this Kuroko leaves and does not attend school for a while. At the graduation, Akashi approaches Kuroko and asks him if he has found an answer to his question which is "What is victory?", Kuroko not having found his answer yet simply replies that he won't run away anymore. Later on Akashi and the rest of the Generation of Miracles gather in the gym and make an oath to battle each other, in order to find out who is the strongest of them. As Murasakibara mentions that Kuroko won't be able to participate, Akashi corrects him saying that even though their ideals might be different, Kuroko will definitely participate in their oath.[6]



Akashi interview anime
Akashi's interview
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Akashi's team Rakuzan won against Tōō in the finals of the Interhigh, but neither Akashi nor Aomine competed. After Rakuzan's victory, Akashi had an interview where he said that it wouldn't have been fun if he played, because the victory would have been more certain than before.[7]

Winter Cup preliminariesEdit

Before Seirin's match against Josei High, Akashi was seen in his school, Rakuzan High. He mysteriously throws up some shogi pieces and catches them, smiling.[8] His team did not have to take part in the preliminaries, because they won the Interhigh and are automatically placed.

After the preliminaries and before the tournament, Akashi was seen practicing diligently at Rakuzan's gym. He is thrown a towel for his perspiration by a teammate, and that player starts a conversation with another player about Akashi. Akashi's way of thinking about pre-ordained victory is explained.[9]

Winter CupEdit

Akashi appears
Akashi reunites with his former teammates
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Akashi makes his first full appearance shortly after the Winter Cup opening ceremony. He contacts the other Generation of Miracles and asks them to meet up. While the Generation (including Kuroko and Furihata), is already gathered on the front stairs, Akashi arrives late.[10] He apologizes for being late and greets the other members of the Generation of Miracles, calling each one of them by their first names. He says that he enjoys seeing everyone together and remarks that there is somebody here that shouldn't be present, referring to Furihata and asks him to leave so that he can talk to his comrades, but he is interrupted by Kagami, who tells him that he shouldn't act rude like that towards Furihata and allow him to stay.

Akashi attacks Kagami with scissors
Akashi attacks Kagami
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Kagami greets Akashi and Akashi calmly walks towards Midorima, asking to borrow his scissors. Midorima asks why and Akashi replies that he was thinking about cutting his hair. But instead, he walks towards Kagami and tries to stab him with the scissors.[11] Kagami dodges, but Akashi is able to graze him across the cheek. Akashi decides to let him off the hook for moving like that, but threatens him that he won't forgive him if he ever defies him again. Akashi also states that because he always wins, therefore, he is always right, and some strands of hair falls to the ground, finally revealing his full appearance.

Akashi spectates Too vs Seirin
Akashi spectates Seirin vs Tōō
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Akashi then announces that he has finished his business here, much to the surprise of Aomine. Akashi explains that he came to check whether they all remember the oath the Generation took but tells him that it looks like no-one has forgotten yet and then takes his leave, after telling them that the next time they will meet, will be in battle.[12] He is later seen watching the match between Seirin and Tōō.[13]

When Kuroko shows his new Ignite Pass Kai, Akashi is surprised and impressed by his new skill. Akashi attends the later matches as well, he is seen during Yōsen vs Seirin and Kaijō vs Fukuda Sōgō. His team has won every match in the meantime and has made its way to the semi-finals.


Rakuzan High
The Rakuzan team
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The day of the semi-finals has come and Akashi is seen in his uniform next to his team, with three Uncrowned Kings.[14]

Match time and Akashi leads his team to the court. When his teammates fool around, Akashi warns them about Shūtoku's strength. He gets his uniform ready and informs Mibuchi that he will be starting in the game. He is handed a towel and is treated with respect by all, even the prideful Uncrowned Kings. Akashi, though only a first-year student, had become captain right away, an unheard-of event. When the match starts, Midorima comes up to Akashi and even though Akashi keeps saying that he simply never loses, Midorima states that he will teach him defeat. The tip-off goes to Takao, who quickly passes to Midorima and he pulls up for a mid-court three pointer. It goes in and Midorima repeats that he will beat Akashi. Akashi seems amused.[15]

Takao guards Akashi
Akashi vs Takao
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During the first quarter, Akashi does not do anything notable. He is seen to be guarded by Takao and tries to get past him by using speed, but then passes to the inside instead. Takao was expecting an overwhelming force from the captain, but so far, that hasn't been the case. The Shūtoku coach, Nakatani, speculates that Akashi is merely scouting the area and should be advancing any minute. Midorima confronts him about this after the time-out between the 1st and 2nd quarter and asks him if he's not even going to use "his eyes". Akashi says that he isn't going easy, but that he should just not reveal his trump card so casually. He adds that they will probably win without any effort from Akashi and this angers Midorima. He continues on the matter when Hayama begins to play for real, proving that his teammates might be enough to ensure victory.[16]

Midorima ties the score at 39 – 39, Akashi stops the double-team on him and says that he will take on Midorima himself. During half-time, Seirin has time to warm up and they pass Rakuzan. Akashi and Kuroko greet each other, but Kagami steps up to Akashi and warns Akashi not to forget about him. He tells Akashi that he will defeat both him and Kise. Akashi states that while he acknowledges Kagami's ability, he warns Kagami that the only ones who are allowed to look him in the eye and speak are those that serve him. He lightly pushes Kagami and Kagami falls to the ground. Kagami is confused at Akashi's action, knowing that it was not mere strength that had allowed him to push him so easily. Akashi tells Kuroko to be prepared if they mean to fight him, as he was the one who first discovered Kuroko's talent, and adds that Kuroko would come to understand what he means.[17]

Akashi scores
Akashi ankle breaks Takao and scores
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The third quarter begins with a face-off between the two teams' aces. Midorima pulls up for a three pointer, but Akashi is able to steal the ball before Midorima could bring it above his head. He pushes the ball up the court, but encounters Takao. In the stands, Murasakibara explains that Akashi's eyes can see everything, from minuscule movements of the muscles to the heartbeat. Takao is glued to Akashi, but Akashi sees the movements of his feet and performs a crossover, causing Takao to fall to the ground. Akashi then pulls up for the mid-range shot and scores.[18]

With Akashi's apparent dominance, Rakuzan enters the fourth quarter with a 14-point lead. When Kimura attempts to set a screen on Akashi, the latter easily avoids it, having seen it coming it with his wide field of vision. Midorima receives the ball, but can't get into a shooting position because of Akashi's defense. When Midorima shifts to a "triple threat" position to pass to Takao, Akashi intercepts the ball and makes a fast break to the other side of the field, but is awaited by Kimura and Miyaji. Akashi ankle breaks them both and drives to the basket, where Ōtsubo prepares to block him, but then passes at the last second to a now-open Nebuya, who dunks it. He later passes Midorima with the words that not even the Generation of Miracles can stop him. He makes the lay-up and widens the gap to 20 points.[19]

Akashi faces Midorima's new skill
Akashi faces Midorima's new skill
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All hope for Shūtoku High seems lost, but Midorima and Takao regain their fighting spirit. Midorima faces Akashi and suddenly moves into a shooting position - without the ball in his hands. He jumps into the air and the ball flies into his hands, a pinpoint pass sent by Takao. Akashi is perplexed to see all of this and can't stop the shot, which goes in. Midorima and Takao then successfully repeat the process in the next attack. When Midorima confronts Akashi, telling him that the match has only just begun, Akashi smiles and agrees.[20]

Rakuzan is on the offense and Akashi faces Midorima. Midorima is fueled up and determined to not let him pass, but Akashi does an ankle break and makes Midorima fall to the ground. Akashi quick to reach the basket and goes for the lay-up, but a still determined Midorima manages to makes it back to Akashi to block his shot attempt. Akashi reacts by shifting his shot to a pass outside to Nebuya, but he is blocked by Ōtsubo. Midorima makes another shot and Rakuzan is pressured an the inbound. Akashi gets double-teamed by Takao and Midorima, but he suddenly backs up and scores on his own basket. Ignoring the shocked reactions of everyone in the arena, Akashi turns to his team and scolds them for slacking off just because of the temporary point difference just now. Akashi tells them to calm down and states that they would not have demonstrated such unsightly plays had the point difference been smaller. He then explains that if they were to lose by a small margin, the shot he had taken on his own basket just now would be the reason, and they could blame him as much as they liked. He adds that he would take full responsibility and quit the club immediately. As a symbol of atonement, he would gouge out his eyes and give it to them, to which his team members scold him for taking things to such an extreme. But Akashi tells them that he was not worried, for he had full confidence and faith that they would not lose the match. The Rakuzan members calm down and comes back with another basket. Akashi mysteriously tells Midorima that he will no longer be able to touch the ball.[21]

Takao's pass stopped
Akashi stops Takao's pass
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Midorima tells Akashi that it is impossible to stop their shots, even with the Emperor Eye, but Akashi tells him that he is absolute, as he can see the future, it was but a simple matter to change it. A double-team is engaged on Takao but Takao easily gets through and passes the ball to the already in-position Midorima. However, Akashi stops the ball midway and tells Takao that he is absolute, surprising Midorima and Takao.[22] With the ball in his possession, Akashi easily scores a goal and the point difference shoots up to 13. Akashi explains that the shot had its flaws, because Midorima was left-handed, the ball must always come from the left. In addition, even though the ball was not in his possession, Midorima's movements were still the same. In short, even without the Emperor Eye, Akashi can easily find out his pass course and timing. The Emperor Eye was used for only one moment, to move one step faster than Takao, so that once the moment he could not cancel his move arrives, Akashi could have already acted. The double-team also let Takao through on purpose, in order to shorten the distance between him and Akashi.

Takao is shocked, having thought that he already grasped Akashi's speed from the first half with his Hawk Eye, thus, even if Akashi had moved a step faster, he would not have reached in time, until he slowly realizes that Akashi had deliberately slowed his speed slightly in the first half, to the point of which even Midorima would not have noticed. Akashi tells Midorima that shogi and basketball are all the same, a strategic move will only work if you plan ahead without the opponent becoming aware of it. The game continues and Mibuchi scores a goal while getting fouled, despite Takao's attempt to stop him. The match is coming to an end as the Rakuzan players score a few more goals. Akashi comes into possession of the ball and Midorima tries to stop him. Akashi tells him that it is over and performs an ankle break, causing Midorima to fall. However, Midorima resolutely refuses to give up and jumps to stop him. Akashi repeats his respect for Midorima and Shūtoku High School, but warns Midorima that he won't reach. As to his word, Midorima is unable to stop the shot and the match ends, with Rakuzan winning by 16 points. Akashi whispers "Sleep, Veteran King."[23]

Akashi and Midorima after the match
Akashi meets Midorima after his victory
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Both teams line up to thank each other for the match. Akashi, like his Rakuzan teammates, aren't cheering but rather look like they have overcome an ordeal, as commented on by the Kaijō team. Midorima offers a handshake to Akashi and admits his lost, but tells him that Shūtoku would win next time. Akashi expresses his gratitude to Midorima for such a thrilling game and apologizes, stating that he was unable to accept his handshake. He warns Midorima to become less compassionate if he were to crave victory. Akashi states that victory is everything and he wanted to be Midorima's enemy.[24] Midorima laments that Akashi still had not changed from last time but insists that they would win next time. Both teams leave the court while elsewhere, a watching Himuro with Murasakibara reflects on that match and how the emperor's strength is so much greater. However, he notes that while it did not seem like Rakuzan was going easy on Shūtoku, he uneasily wonders if that was Rakuzan's true strength, or more importantly, Akashi Seijūrō's true strength. Either way, Himuro comments that there was no end to Rakuzan High School's potential strength.
Akashi watches
Akashi watches the match
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After a post-game meeting with his team, Akashi sits in the audience to spectate the last quarter of Kaijō vs Seirin. As he sees how strong Seirin really is and after positive comments from his teammates, Akashi acknowledges Seirin's strength. He says that Kaijō has a very capable team, but that without Kise, they stand little to no chance versus the current Seirin. He also deduces that with the current state of affairs, that the match will be decided in Seirin's favor if they manage to get 15 points ahead.[25] Much later, he explains how it's vital that Kuroko predicts Kise's copies to win the match. He says that it's the only way to stop Kise in his Perfect Copy but that there are only 2 minutes left...[26] When the clock reaches 40 seconds, he says to Mibuchi that the next attack will be Seirin's last chance. He is eager to see what Kuroko has in store.[27] Later, when Kasamatsu takes the lead in the final 4 seconds, Nebuya assumes Kaijō is the winner. Akashi however, awaits the result a little longer. When Seirin's plan becomes clear, he elaborates on it, saying that they had to give Kaijō a point to give Kagami a head start to take it back instantly.[28] After the match ends in Seirin's favor, Akashi seems pleased about the result.[29]


Kuroko and Akashi before the finals match
Kuroko and Akashi during warm-up
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During the warm-up, Akashi's teammates from Rakuzan ask him if he is going to be a starter for today's match, with Akashi confirming as their opponents are strong. Never the less Akashi sees victory as already guaranteed. Suddenly a ball rolls up to Akashi who then throws it back to Kuroko who was warming up on the other side of the court. Akashi then asks him if he has found the answer to his question, that is "What is victory?". Kuroko tells him that he has and Akashi tells him to show him his basketball, however Kuroko tells him that it will not be his basketball he will be showing but Seirin's basketball. Akashi accepts Kuroko's challenge as both teams are ready for the match.[30]

Kagami's Meteor Jam on Akashi
Kagami dunks over Akashi
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After all of the starting members of both teams are announced onto the court, the tip-off starts. Seirin gets the ball and attempts to score the first basket, but just when Hyūga was about to score, he is stopped by Mibuchi who gets the ball for Rakuzan. Akashi gets the ball and passes it to Nebuya who attempts to score but is stopped by Kagami. Seirin gets the ball again and counter attack. Kagami dribbles the ball to Rakuzan's basket when suddenly Akashi appears marking him. Kagami finds his resolve to win the match and suddenly jumps to dunk the Meteor Jam over Akashi, scoring the first basket of the match. Akashi notices that Kagami has entered the Zone.[31]

Kagami passes Akashi
Kagami passes Akashi
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Kagami has entered the Zone, resulting in Seirin leading the match. With the score of 11 - 2 for Seirin, even though Seirin is leading Shirogane is confident knowing this is not enough to shake Akashi. On the court, Akashi decides to switch marks with Hayama to mark Kagami.[32] As the match continues, the attention is on Kagami and Akashi. Izuki who has the ball, passes the ball to Kagami. Kagami tries to pass Akashi, but Akashi uses his Emperor Eye to try and stop him. Shocking everyone, Kagami evades the Emperor Eye and advances further to the basket. Kagami uses his Meteor Jam to score but the shot doesn't go in. Akashi then tells him that it is foolish to think that he can surpass the Emperor Eye and that he should not underestimate him that much. Akashi then goes on to explain how the Meteor Jam works and tells Kagami that all he needed to do was change the angle at which he shot.[33] The audience then comments that Akashi is not invincible because he has the Emperor Eye, but because he knows how to use it.

Akashi ankle breaks Kagami
Ankle break on Kagami
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It's Rakuzan's counterattack and Akashi has the ball. Kagami goes on to mark him but Akashi uses his Ankle Break to make Kagami fall and pass him. He tells Kagami not to underestimate yet again, as the Ankle Break Kise used against him was only a fake and that he should not compare the two.[34] Passing Kagami, Akashi advances further to the basket when Izuki attempts to use his Eagle Spear to steal the ball from Akashi. Akashi evades and passes the ball to Mibuchi who is stopped from making the shot by Mitobe. Akashi admits he underestimated Mitobe and tells himself that he will no longer overlook the fact that he has no mark.

When Kagami got out of the Zone and is now in a neutral state. He gets the ball and passes it over Akashi to Mitobe who scores the basket. Akashi has the ball and passes it to Mayuzumi who then makes a basket for Rakuzan. When the ball goes out of bounds, Kuroko is subbed back in the game. Hayama approaches Akashi and asks him for a second chance at marking Kagami, saying that he wants to return the favour. Akashi allows this, and the match continues with Hayama guarding Kagami. The match progresses until Kuroko's pass is intercepted, where Akashi reveals that Kuroko's development of new techniques caused his lack of presence to vanish, and he proceeds to rebuke Kuroko for failing to notice that flaw.

When the first quarter ends, Akashi remarks that he's grasped the extent of Seirin's abilities, and he plans to let the three Uncrowned Generals take care of the offense, and let Mayuzumi take care of the passes.


Physical Ability
9/10 Akashi chart
Mental Strength
Special Ability

Akashi possesses exceptional leadership skills. As captain of the Teikō basketball team, he led the team to consecutive victories and they would later be known as the Generation of Miracles. At Rakuzan High, he became the captain of the basketball team as a freshman. Miyaji comments that this is highly unusual as upper-class students would not normally surrender their position to a first year, and also the fact that the 3 Uncrowned Kings (who are known to be prideful individuals) follow his orders without question. Akashi is shown to be very fast and an excellent ball-handler. According to Masaaki Nakatani, the way Akashi played in the first quarter of Rakuzan vs Shūtoku is similar to how one would play shogi, with Akashi assessing the situation before he makes his move, indicating that Akashi is a skilled tactician. Akashi's plays are extremely well-designed, as it was revealed in the Rakuzan vs Shūtoku match that everything that had occurred was all a part of Akashi's plan. During the match, Takao states that Akashi's perfection as a point guard is undeniable.

Akashi is the only member of the Generation of Miracles who has awakened his ability forcefully. His awakening occurred during his one-on one-match against Atsushi Murasakibara where he activated his Emperor Eye, along with the second personality which resided within him. It would seem that the two personalities each have their own special skill. This would make Akashi the only Generation of Miracles member with two unique abilities, while the rest have only one. 

Off the court, Akashi is capable of discovering people's hidden skills, being the first to recognize Kuroko's latent talent for misdirection.[35]

Emperor EyeEdit

  • A close-up of the Emperor Eye
  • Passing the ball through Takao's guard
  • His field of vision allowing him to avoid the screen
  • Blocking Midorima's jump shot
  • Stealing Midorima's ball while in Triple Threat
  • Ankle break on Takao
  • Ankle break on Miyaji and Kimura
  • Ankle break on Midorima
  • Switching from a lay-up to a pass
  • Dunking on Kagami and Kiyoshi

First revealed in the 3rd quarter of Rakuzan vs Shūtoku, Akashi's eyes are capable of observing every movement of his opponent, thus predicting the opponent's next move. According to Murasakibara, his Emperor Eye can see the smallest details of a person's movements, including their breathing, heartbeat, sweat, muscle contractions, etc. With this, he can time his actions perfectly to nullify the opponent's actions, sabotaging whatever tactics the opponent tries to execute.[36] In short, he can "see the future of his opponent's moves."

  • Wide Field of Vision: Akashi can easily see openings in defenses, as shown when he passed the ball through Kazunari Takao's guard.[37] Also, similar to the Hawk's Eye, Akashi's vision covers his blind spots, allowing him to easily avoid a screen from Shinsuke Kimura.[38]
  • Triple Threat Penetration: Akashi's eyes can capture the moment when his opponent goes into Triple Threat, the most basic form in basketball. It is the form that sets up all three motions: shooting, passing, and dribbling. Almost any move a player attempts to make will start from that stance. By using his Emperor Eye, Akashi can read the opponent's movement and proceeds to intercept the ball before they can react. Against Akashi's superb speed and reflexes, the opponent can't even afford to move.[39]
  • Ankle Break Dribble: Akashi can perform the Ankle Break, a high-level speed dribble that disrupts his opponent's balance and makes them stumble to the ground. This situation occurs when the opponent's center of gravity is on their pivot leg while they're turning. Players collapsing due to this rarely occurs under normal circumstances. However, with his Emperor Eye, Akashi can predict the moment his opponent is unbalanced, allowing him to perform this technique with little difficulty.[40]

Additional AttributesEdit

  • Situational Analysis Speed: Akashi's mental prowess when judging a scenario and making split second decisions is extremely fast. This allowed him to switch from a lay-up to a pass almost instantaneously against Midorima.[41]
  • High Physical Prowess: Aside from being highly intelligent on and off court, Akashi also possesses an extremely good physique, which accounts for his jumping power. This is proven when despite being only 173cm, Akashi is still capable of performing an alley-oop with Chihiro Mayuzumi to dunk the ball in. Notably, he scores over both Kagami and Kiyoshi, who are at least 20 centimeters taller than him.[42]

Second AbilityEdit

Compared to the rest of the Generation of Miracles, it is revealed that Akashi has a second ability. An ability that is on par with or even greater than the Emperor Eye. According to Midorima's hypothesis to Kuroko, the Emperor Eye was forcefully activated by Akashi through pressure against the one-on-one with Murasakibara during their third year in Teikō. It is speculated by the latter that this skill belongs to the other Akashi, instead of the original Akashi, who possess a different unique ability.


Generation of MiraclesEdit

Akashi is much feared and respected amongst the Generation of Miracles. As the former captain of Teikō, he led the team to many victories, in which would cause them to be later known as the Generation of Miracles. Notably, Akashi refers to all of his team members by their first names while most of the other members refer to each other by their family names, with a few exceptions. The rest of the Generation of Miracles, all respect him and shows much acknowledgement towards his abilities, with Murasakibara even stating that he could not envision Akashi losing.

Shintarō MidorimaEdit

Akashi and Midorima
Akashi and Midorima
LeoWyattAdded by LeoWyatt

During the period of Akashi's captaincy, he would often play shogi with Midorima (who was vice-captain), in which the latter never won any of the matches. Midorima shows much respect to Akashi, albeit appearing somewhat grudgingly, even when he graduates from Teikō Junior High and enrolls in Shūtoku High, where Akashi is no longer his captain. Before the Winter Cup, Midorima allows Akashi to borrow his scissors (the day's lucky item) despite refusing Murasakibara earlier on.[43] During the Rakuzan vs Shūtoku match, Akashi admits that he acknowledges Midorima's skills and in turn, Midorima is also fully aware of Akashi's formidable skills, and acknowledges his strength, something which he rarely did for others. After the match, Midorima offers a handshake to Akashi, though the latter refuses it, wishing to remain as Midorima's enemy.[44]

Midorima does not show any signs of anger but merely laments that Akashi was still the same and insists that Shūtoku would emerge victorious the next time they battle again. Midorima also appears to be competitive with Akashi.

Tetsuya KurokoEdit

He went beyond my expectations.

—Seijūrō Akashi, describing Kuroko's skill

Akashi was the one who discovered Kuroko's talent and the one who taught him basketball techniques and helped strengthen his misdirections. Akashi is also the one who promoted Kuroko from the third string to Teikō's regulars.[45] Like his former teammates, Kuroko respects, but also fears Akashi. It was shown in the beginning of the Winter Cup that Kuroko obeyed Akashi's summon without question.
Kuroko Akashi meeting for 1st time
Akashi and Kuroko meet for the 1st time
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Before meeting Kuroko, Akashi was not satisfied with the current Teikō team and wanted a change. A 6th man who would change the flow of the game whenever the situation required it. When he saw Kuroko for the first time, he thought that Kuroko would be that very player, a 6th man. After seeing Kuroko, Akashi questioned him and pushed him in the right direction to making his own style of playing, based on his lack of presence. Three months later, Kuroko approaches Akashi and lets him know he has set on a style and Akashi decides to test Kuroko in a practice match. Kuroko shocks and impresses the first string players, including Akashi, and is admitted into the team with Akashi's help. During this time Akashi was very supportive of Kuroko and helped him overcome his nervousness and doubts. During Kuroko's first match, Akashi helped Kuroko polish his "misdirection" and helped him develop his style of play he uses today.

When the Generation of Miracles began changing and realising their true potentials, Akashi changed drastically, which made Kuroko realise that there are two Akashi's, the Akashi he knew and the other Akashi, emerged from the change in the team.

Akashi with Kuroko and Kagami
Akashi's and Kuroko's brief meeting
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Akashi holds very high expectations for Kuroko. Showing that even in the most desperate situations, he believed in team Seirin's victory when everyone else didn't, mostly because of Kuroko's influence on the team. He was also surprised when Kuroko revealed his new skills, the "Ignite Pass Kai" and "Misdirection Overflow" showing that Kuroko did indeed surpass his expectations. Some time after when there was a half time during the game between Rakuzan and Shūtoku, Akashi and Kuroko met for a short time. It was the first time they met again after the opening ceremony. In this short meeting Akashi warns Kuroko that if he's planning to fight against him, he would have to be careful. Telling Kuroko that he is the one that found Kuroko's hidden potential first and that Kuroko would come to know what that means. After Rakuzan and Seirin won their matches it was finally decided who the two teams in the finals would be. Kuroko's team Seirin and Akashi's team Rakuzan. In the finals, Akashi revealed the reason why he didn't allow Kuroko to learn how to shoot or drive is because he knew that Kuroko's 'lack of presence' would fade away.

In the novel 'Replace', Kuroko mentioned "if Akashi was a teacher, it would make lessons very easy to understand." This likely refers to their time back at Teikō when Akashi was Kuroko's personal instructor.

Atsushi MurasakibaraEdit

As Aomine starts to slack off practices more often, Murasakibara insists that he too can slack off because Aomine does and he feels like he can't lose even without practice. Akashi does not permit this and was angered by Murasakibara for calling him weaker than him and he won't listen to his orders. He challenged Murasakibara to a 1 on 1 with Murasakibara continuing to overpower him and block his shots. On the verge of losing, he asserts to his outlook that he can't lose and "his orders are absolute and always correct" causing him to finally awaken his Emperor's Eye and win against Murasakibara. Since then, Murasakibara fears him and always listen to what he says and even did not play in the Interhigh because he told him to.

Rakuzan HighEdit

Even though a first year, Akashi became the captain in no time because of his reputation as the captain of the "Generation Of Miracles". Surprisingly no upperclassmen complained about this even the prideful "Uncrowned Kings". He holds much respect and faith in his teammates and their abilities as much as they do to him.

Taiga KagamiEdit

Their meeting wasn't a good one, when Kagami introduced himself to Akashi, Akashi used Midorima's scissors and attacked Kagami for not following his orders to leave. During their second meeting, Kagami declares that he will crush him should they meet in the finals. While Akashi does acknowlege Kagami's talent, he refuses to allow Kagami to look him in the eye, easily pulling down Kagami and telling him to know his place.


  • "In this world, winning is everything; winners are validated and losers are denied. Until now, I've never lost at anything, and I won't in the future. Since I always win, I'm always right. If you oppose me... I'll kill you, no matter who you are."[46]
  • "The only ones who are allowed to look me in the eye as I speak are those that serve me. No one that opposes me is allowed to look down on me. Know your place."[47]
  • "You too, Tetsuya. You'd better be prepared, if you're planning to fight me. I'm the one who first discovered your power. You'll come to understand what that means."[48]
  • "My orders are absolute."[49]
  • "I am absolute. I can see the entirety of the future. It is but a simple matter to change it."[50]
  • "Sleep, Veteran King."[51]
  • "Winning is everything. The victors writes history. The losers are wiped from it."[52]
  • "You're beginning to annoy me. The fake and the have you compare them is most vile."  [53]"
  • "I'll only loosen my grip when you're all completely dead." [54]


  • Akashi early concept
    Akashi's early concept
    LeoWyattAdded by LeoWyatt
    Characters Bible, "What IF Akashi was a professional shogi player!?"
    5zczurzycaAdded by 5zczurzyca
    On the first character poll, Akashi ranked 29th, with 26 votes, before even appearing yet. On the second poll, he ranked 18th with 263 votes. On the third poll, he ranked 1st with 6276 votes (Kuroko ranked 2nd with 3505 votes). This is the first time someone other than Kuroko has come first.
  • The kanji 赤 (Aka) in his name means red, hinting to his hair color. The next kanji 司 (Shi) means office, as in a department of government.
  • In the original datebook, CHARACTERS BIBLE, an early character concept sketch of Akashi is seen. His current hairstyle and the one in middle school are drawn, together with three other alternate hairstyles.
  • At the time when Akashi's face hasn't been revealed yet, he sometimes appeared very mysterious and cool with his face covered, e.g. throwing a shogi piece in that air and catching it dramatically. This was made fun of in the bloopers, when he failed to catch the piece. Other intimidating actions also failed in other bloopers.
  • In the manga, Akashi's full face wasn't revealed until chapter 113, in the anime, his full face could be seen in the 2nd Opening and a reference in episode 22 made by Izuki (with both eyes red).
  • In the second drama CD, Akashi states that he dislikes beni shoga (pickled ginger).
  • According to the CHARACTERS BIBLE:
    • Akashi's alternative job choice is to be a professional shogi player.
    • His hobbies are Shogi, Go(Wei-qi), and International Chess.
    • His specialty is horse riding.
    • His favourite food is tofu soup.
    • His motto is "Quick and decisive".
    • He hates disobedient dogs because they don't listen to him.
    • His type of girl are girls who have dignity.[55]
  • In a Q&A section in the manga, it is revealed that:
    • Akashi was 158cm tall upon entering Teikō.
    • Akashi lives alone with his father, who is extremely wealthy and raised him with 'excellency in all areas' mentality to be called deserving in their household.
    • Akashi's best subject in school is labelled as everything.
    • Akashi says that he often goes horse-riding on off days
    • He started basketball because he finds it fascinating how a player has to use both intellectual and physical skill to play the game.
    • He got along with Midorima the most, during their days in Teikō.
    • If he was asked who he got along with the least, he answered Aomine, since Aomine's rowdiness was often difficult to deal with.
    • He said that he doesn't have a specific fond memory in junior high, and that he enjoyed hanging out with the basketball club.
    • In his current club, he gets along the most with Reo.
    • He often plays shogi, with an opponent or solo.
    • When asked about his weakness, he says that he doesn't have any in particular.
    • Akashi concludes with saying that basketball is a way to improve himself.
    • He hates wakame, because he dislikes seaweed.
    • Despite being a first year, he is the student council president at Rakuzan.


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