Seirin High vs Kirisaki Daīchi High was the Interhigh preliminary finals from last year. This was Kiyoshi's last match before he was hospitalized for a long time.



Before the match, Kiyoshi notified Riko that he wanted to use the match as a test run for his right of postponement.


For three quarters, Kiyoshi served as a second point guard from the inside and either scored himself or passed them through to Hyūga, who kept shooting three-pointers. Both took Seirin to a 10-point lead with only one minute to go. It is then when Makoto Hanamiya entered the field.[1]

Izuki recognized him as an Uncrowned King and was cautious of him, but he made no plays worth mentioning. In Seirin's offense, Izuki shot and missed and the offensive rebound was caught by Kiyoshi. The Kirisaki Daīchi center deliberately delayed his jump on Hanamiya's orders, landed on top of Kiyoshi and injured his knee badly. Kiyoshi, writhing in pain, fell over and grabbed his knee. Hyūga saw Hanamiya's acts and accused him of Kiyoshi's injury, but Kiyoshi calmed Hyūga down and he had no choice but to drop it. Seirin won the match with 84 – 83, a close final score.[2] Afterwards, they went to visit Kiyoshi.


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