Seirin High vs Nakamiya South High was Seirin's second match in the Winter Cup.



Nakamiya South was expected to be defeatable with only the second years of Seirin. Hence, Seirin played the entire match without the freshmen. But against the odds, Seirin was on the losing end. Overconfidence had made them negligent and they were taking it easy. This was fixed by Hyūga, the team's captain, when he made a speech during a time-out. All players were slapped straight by Riko (literally) and went on to win the match.[1]


The players from Nakamiya South congratulated Seirin and both captains tell each other that they both underestimated the opponent. A rough looking player emotionally congratulated Koganei, shocking him.


  1. Kuroko no Basuke chapter 143, page 16

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