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Shōei Junior High in Kiyoshi's flashback

Shoei loses to Teiko

Shōei loses to Teikō

Shōei Junior High (照榮中学校 Shōei Chūgakkō) is an elite Junior High school from Tokyo, being the 4th best in the country.[1] Teppei Kiyoshi played here during his days as an Uncrowned King, even having the rank of Captain. Because they were playing as a Junior High school at the time, Teikō Junior High dominated the league with the Generation of Miracles, so the player's ambitions weren't very high. Kiyoshi compared this mentality to his new school, Seirin High, saying that while at Shōei nobody believed they could be number 1 of Japan, everyone at Seirin does believe that.[2]





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Facts about nothingEdit

  • Goku beats black


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