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The veteran who's been competing for 11 years straight with its unswaying, immortal spirit that rings true to its name: Legendary King. Shūtoku High School!

—Shūtoku being announced onto the court.

Shutoku logo

Shūtoku High
Manga | Anime
Shutoku High
Shūtoku High at the Winter Cup
Region Tokyo
Captain Taisuke Ōtsubo (former)
Yūya Miyaji
Vice-captain Shinsuke Kimura (former)
Coach Masaaki Nakatani
Jersey color White Orange Black
Interhigh participant (past)
Interhigh preliminaries finals
Winter Cup 3rd place

Shūtoku High (秀徳高校, Shūtoku Kōkō) is one of the Three Kings of Tokyo where the Generation of Miracles' shooter, Shintarō Midorima plays. Although they are one of the Three Kings of Tokyo, Seirin managed to defeat them this year in the preliminaries, denying them access to the Interhigh. Their captain was Taisuke Ōtsubo. Upon his graduation, the role was given to Yūya Miyaji.

This year, they were second in the A Block and advanced to the Winter Cup preliminaries. They managed to gain a ticket to the actual Winter Cup and will face off against all the main teams. They have lost against Rakuzan High in the semi-finals. Having managed to reach the semi-finals, Shūtoku faced Kaijō for a third place match, which they eventually won, crowning them third place in the Winter Cup.[1] It should be noted that Kise did not play for Kaijō in the third place match due to injury.


Practice Matches

  • Seirin High vs Shutoku High (unknown)
  • Seirin High vs Shutoku High (unknown)
  • Seirin High vs Shutoku High (82 – 91)

Interhigh preliminaries

Final league

Winter Cup preliminaries

Final league

Winter Cup


Kazunari Takao
Takao mugshot

#10 // PG
Yūya Miyaji
Yuuya mugshot anime

#4 // SF



8/10 Shutoku chart
Bench Strength


  • Their official cheering squad is called Persistent and Tireless.
  • In the CHARACTERS BIBLE, Shūtoku High has a lot of history, their facilities are quite worn out and has strict management system.[2]
  • Shutoku has been the qualifying veterans for 11 years straight at the Interhigh. They are known as the "King of Veterans". It is unknown whether they lost this title after their first defeat against Seirin in the Interhigh or against Rakuzan in the Winter Cup semifinals.
  • The Japanese version of the Kanji 'Toku' and the Chinese character differs by one stroke. (徳 vs. 德)
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Shutoku Basketball Club


  1. Kuroko no Basuke chapter 231, page 1


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