Shūtoku High vs Kinka High
Shutoku High vs Kinka High anime
Type Interhigh preliminary
Winner Shūtoku High
Final Score 153 – 21
Shūtoku High Kinka High
Notable players
Shūtoku High Shintarō Midorima
Kazunari Takao
Taisuke Ōtsubo
Kiyoshi Miyaji
Shinsuke Kimura
Kinka High None
Manga Chapter 17
Anime Episode 7
Previous Seirin High vs Meijō Academy
Next Seirin High vs Hakuryō High

Shūtoku High vs Kinka High was the fourth round of Shūtoku in the Interhigh preliminaries. As Seirin played their fourth round on the court next to it, Midorima wanted to play to make a challenge to them. During the match, Shūtoku was completely dominating. they used to have a strong inside with the third-year Ōtsubo, but also have the outside covered with Midorima. 1st year Takao connects both sides. At about the half of the match, Shūtoku is leading by 30 points, with Ōtsubo's posting and Midorima's 100% on target shots. They eventually ended the game with a devestating 153 – 21.[1]


  1. Kuroko no Basuke chapter 17, page 12

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