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Shūtoku High vs Kirisaki Daīchi High

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Shūtoku High vs Kirisaki Daīchi High
Shūtoku High vs Kirisaki Daīchi High
Type Winter Cup preliminary
Winner Shūtoku High
Final Score 123 – 51
Shūtoku High Kirisaki Daīchi High
Notable players
Shūtoku High Shintarō Midorima
Kazunari Takao
Taisuke Ōtsubo
Kirisaki Daīchi High None
Manga Chapter 84
Anime Episode 29
Previous Shūtoku vs Suginami West
Next Seirin vs Shūtoku
Kirisaki Daīchi vs Senshinkan

Shūtoku High vs Kirisaki Daīchi High is a match from the final league of the Winter Cup preliminaries.

The match took place at the same time of Seirin's match against Senshinkan. As Seirin won, Shūtoku's match was still underway. Takao notices that Kirisaki Daīchi only put out their second string players. It seems that Kirisaki Daīchi just threw away this match, confirmed by Midorima, who said that it was an ugly match, that they weren't doing their best.[1] Meanwhile, the regulars of Kirisaki Daīchi are watching Seirin's match, analyzing them. Of course, Shūtoku won easily.


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