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Shūzō Nijimura
Shuzo Nijimura color
Name Shūzō Nijimura
Kanji 虹村 修造
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 17
Height 179 cm (5' 10")
Weight 67 kg (148 lbs)
Birthday July 10th, Cancer
Blood type A
Professional Statistics
Team Teikō (former)
Position Small Forward
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 205
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Shūzō Nijimura (虹村 修造 Nijimura Shūzō) was the captain of Teikō Junior High, leading the Generation of Miracles when they were in their first year.


Nijimura has short black hair with his bangs combed to the left side. He is rather tall and wears a black armband on his left forearm. Being the captain, he played with the jersey number 4, but after he recommended Akashi as captain, he played with the jersey number 9.


Nijimura seems to be a very quiet and calm person, but he drastically changes when he speaks about Haizaki's absence in the match. He was clearly annoyed by his behavior. After the conversation he returns to his poker face.

Changing Kuroko, he says to the team that after the match the team will have to listen to his sermon which surprises them. This shows that Nijimura is very serious about the game.


Nijimura attended Teikō Junior High and as a talented basketball player, became part of the first string and was even appointed captain sometime in his first two years on the team. During his second year of junior high, Nijimura led the first string containing the Generation of Miracles-to-be (except Kise who hadn't joined then). When Kuroko found the answer to his playing style, Akashi requested a match between the second and third strings in order to show Kuroko's strength to the coach and to Nijimura. The club sets it up and Nijimura is surprised and amazed about Kuroko's Misdirection style and invisible passes.[1]


Physical Ability
8/10 Nijimura chart
Mental Strength
Special Ability
Nijimura's drive
Nijimura drives inside
BereisgreatAdded by Bereisgreat
Back in junior high school, Nijimura had the reputation of the strongest power forward in the league. Being the captain of Teikō Junior High, he had certainly proven himself to be an excellent player all-round. As the power forward, Nijimura has a very fast and strong drive.[2] Reaching all the way inside to the basket, he is also seen switching to a pass lightning fast and swinging it to the free man. However, his skills are eventually overshadowed by the Generation of Miracles' dominance.


  • The kanji 虹 (Niji) in his name means rainbow, further following the color theme of the Generation of Miracles and Teikō Junior High.
  • According to the CHARACTERS BIBLE PLUS:
    • His favourite food is Fried rice.
    • His hobby is Table tennis.
    • His specialty is Karate.
    • His motto is: "Don’t forget your first resolution."
  • Fujimaki's commented that Nijimura went through a rough, hot-blooded phase, which would be why he’s so strong at fighting.
  • Fujimaki has changed Nijimura’s birthday since the Jump Festa, where his birthday was stated to be in June 12th (Gemini) whereas now it's July 10th (Cancer).
  • During his time as the Teikō captain, Nijimura's position was PF, but when Akashi took over as captain, his position changed to SF.


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