Shield Of Aegis Breaker
Chapter 152
Chapter 152, Volume 17
Title Shield Of Aegis Breaker
Eegisu no Hoko Yaburida
Release date February 6, 2012
Anime episode Episode 47
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Shield Of Aegis Breaker is the one hundred and fifty-second chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Because of Kagami's reluctance to fight Tatsuya Himuro at full strength, Riko subs him out with Tsuchida. Kiyoshi also realizes that Kagami can't let go of his brotherhood with Himuro. Hyuuga is worried that they'll have to score against Yosen without Kuroko. Nevertheless, determined to break Yosen's defense, he tells Kiyoshi they are relying on him to score. Seirin goes on the offensive, and Kiyoshi marks Murasakibara. Murasakibara is irritated by Kiyoshi's persistence even though he thoroughly defeated him in middle school already.

Kiyoshi double clutches on Murasakibara, but the latter is able to block him. However, Izuki manages to get the ball and passes it to Kiyoshi who is in the three point line and successfully scores despite being a center. Meanwhile, Kagami asks Kuroko for a favor--he wants him to throw his ring away. Fukui is shocked that Kiyoshi is playing as Point Guard now, and Kiyoshi easily passes him. Kiyoshi goes for the shot, but Murasakibara goes to block him. However, Kiyoshi uses his Right of Postponement to pass the ball to Izuki, and he goes for the shot. Both Murasakibara and Liu go for the block, but fortunately Izuki uses his Eagle Eye to pass the ball to Kiyoshi, performing an alley-oop against Murasakibara and Liu.

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