So It Was You
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Episode 74
Episode 74
Title So It Was You
Omaedattan janē ka
Air date June 20, 2015
Manga chapters 267, 268 ,269, 270, and 271
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So It Was You (お前だったんじゃねーか Omaedattan janē ka) is the seventy-fourth episode and the twenty-fourth episode of Kuroko no Basuke anime.


Akashi starts supporting the team by setting up perfect opportunities which also boosts their morale. The watching members of the Generation of Miracles recognise Akashi's old self. Seirin still manage to score, but Akashi enters the zone again and Akashi's support draws out his team members' potentials, making them enter an imperfect version of the zone, possible because they are members of the "Uncrowned Kings". Kagami is the only one who can stand against them, but reaches his physical limits, and exits the zone. The rest of Seirin are also exhausted and Seirin has no more time outs left. Suddenly, Kuroko's friend, Ogiwara, cheers from the audience, bringing Kuroko to tears. Aomine, Kise, Midorima and other past opponents adds their cheers, and the crowd starts to chant for Seirin. With the Rakuzan in the lead, 103-96 and 2 minutes left in the game, Kagami talks with the team, and manages to fully open the "door within the zone", unveiling the "True Zone", which is team play at the speed of the zone (possible because of the bond between the team members). Aomine realises that the person in front of the "door" is not a gatekeeper, but Kuroko, leading the way to team play. Seirin manage to score a two-pointer, but Akashi counters with a two pointer, and is not going to allow Seirin to win that easily. 

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