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The Special Sandwich is a phantom sandwich sold at Seirin High School.


It's a sandwich with black iberian pig and the three best delicacies: caviar, foie gras and truffle. It is wrapped in transparent plastic foil.


Interhigh preliminaries

Because of its delicacy and amazing taste, all Seirin students try to buy one. This inevitably causes a great jam-up at the kitchen stand. Because of this, Riko ordered the first-years to fetch one of those sandwiches, to struggle through those students (including members of the judo/rugby/weight lifting/... club) and bring back the sandwich. Kawahara, Fukuda, Furihata and even Kagami couldn't get through with strength, but Kuroko was able to use his low presence to get the sandwich.[1] When Kuroko took a bite of it, he called it very delicious and has never looked so happy before. Through all of this, the sandwich was treated as an object.


It is said that eating the sandwich makes you succeed at every thing you do, ranging from love, school grades to club activities. A very limited number is sold each month on the 25th.[2]


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