Super Serious
Chapter 240
Chapter 240
Title Super Serious
Dai Majime-sa
Release date November 27, 2013
Anime episode Episode 69
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Super Serious is the two hundredth and fortieth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Mayuzumi notes the intelligence of the tactic in letting Izuki guard him since the Eagle Eye is similar to the Hawk Eye. His movements will be limited, but he also does not understand the strategy in letting Furihata guard AkashiNebuya tells Kiyoshi to sub Furihata out because Akashi will not show any mercy, but Kiyoshi assures him it is fine.

Akashi passes Furihata

Akashi passes Furihata

Furihata begins to mark Akashi heavily, guarding him very closely. Akashi easily passes him, but he is quickly guarded by Kagami Taiga, with Furihata switching to Hayama. Seirin's plan is revealed in that Furihata would let Akashi pass him, but by letting Akashi move further in, he will not be able to perform an Ankle Break. However, Akashi passes by Kagami with apparent ease and goes for a layup, but not before having the ball tipped by Kagami. Even with the tip, the ball still goes in, but barely.

It is noted that this strategy is just using Furihata as bait, but he is also the cornerstone of the plan. Mayuzumi remembers from the Kaijou match that Furihata is only good at supporting his teammates, and he reasons that it will be okay to ease up on guarding him. Kiyoshi takes advantage of this lapse and passes to Furihata, who then proceeds to make a jumpshot. The chapter ends with Rakuzan noting that the shot revealed how much Seirin practices, and Riko stating that Furihata isn't really weak anymore.

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